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I have mycloud that is connected to eero.  MyCloud stopped working and they are needing me to log into my router to get the log files to send to them.  I see MyCloud listed in my eero app on my phone, which is disconnected of course since it's not working, however, the mycloud tech said I should still be able to access the log files even if showing disconnected.    How would one go about logging into the eero router using a laptop pc, or is it even an option?  I really need to download that log file for mycloud.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.  thank you!

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  • You can log into your eero router by accessing the web interface through a web browser on your laptop. To do this, follow these steps:

    1. Connect your laptop to your eero network
    2. Open a web browser on your laptop and enter the IP address of your eero router in the address bar. The default IP address is usually
    3. Enter your eero username and password when prompted. If you haven't changed the login credentials, you can use the default username: "admin" and password: "password".
    4. Once logged in, navigate to the "Device" section of the web interface to find your MyCloud device.
    5. Select the MyCloud device to access its logs. You should be able to download the log files from this section.

    If you have trouble accessing the web interface or the logs, you may need to contact eero support for further assistance.  Krowd Darden

    • Roberthill The above won't work.  The logs are not user accessible and the eero cannot be logged into directly like this.  The only way to access/control an eero is via the eero app.  You also have the wrong default IP address for the eero.

  • Hi Debsky7799

    The log files on the eero are not user accessible, only eero support can access them.  You will need to find out what MyCloud is needing from the logs and then give eero support a call so we can take a look for it.

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      Michael_eero_support I was just told that they support doesn’t have access and I can’t access the logs. Can no one get to these? This is pretty basic. 

    • Gublicker We certainly do have log access.  What kind of data is MyCloud needing from the log?  I want to make sure that kind of data is actually in the log before we take a look.  For example, if they are wanting to know what webservers a device is trying we won't have that.  eero does not log where your devices go on the internet.

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