New types would be great...

New types like "Smart Valve" would be cool in the choices we have !
If we can choose things like a toaster orf a vacuum, I guess a Smart Valve would be good there.  :-)

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    • 8 mths ago
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    Being brand new to Eero and having a very large number of devices, I was delighted to see how many devices were supported. That said, If I could add some more options, I would add the following:

    1. General Excercise Equipment. You have bike, but what about a ton of other options out there.
    2. Photo Frames
    3. VR Headsets
    4. Audio Receiver
    5. Exterior Lights
    6. Cameras (not just security Cameras)
    7. Monitor (To Put it in the Computer Category, not just use TV which is in entertainment)
    8. Toys
    9. Space Heater
    10. Tools

    Thats my top 10. Thank you.

      • Pauly.1
      • 8 mths ago
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      Pauly I would also like to add Automated Shades/Blinds to the list. 

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