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Hello, the eero multi-router mesh system rewards customers with a unique internet experience by allowing you to have multiple routers in your house.  The multi-router mesh system (as opposed to signal extenders/boosters) allows customers to have the highest possible internet speed that service providers can generate.  Most importantly, eero routers with ethernet slots can be placed where you need the fastest internet possible, like at your work desk or gaming desk, without runing cable via drilling and wall fishing!  The intention of my request is to add a function in the App which allows users the ability to TURN OFF THE WIFI on a specific router so the router can transmit 100% of its internet speed capabilities directly towards the devices connected via ethernet cable.  This could be a work from home station, or in my case a gaming console and budget gaming PC.  Current State:  you cannot disable the WiFi on a specific eero router.  I have two three methods to disable the WiFi and attempted a workaround with no success.  I tried using the app, I tried connecting a to the router via an ethernet connected PC and disabling the WiFi through the gateway IP address, and I my workaround was blocking the devices connected to the new router I wished to dedicate to my sons gaming PC.  When I blocked these devices the devices were then blocked on all routers.

Why am I requesting this feature?  Isn’t the wireless 6 pro multi-router mesh system the main selling point for eero?  The cliche answer is yes and no. Here’s why:

Yes, the eero WiFi 6 pro mesh system is the best I’ve ever had and worth the upgrade!  However, the main benefit of multiple routers, rather than signal extenders/boosters, is a higher speed internet and MOST importantly one or two ethernet slots. Let us all take a moment and be honest with ourselves.  Most work laptops, family computers, gaming consoles, and budget gaming PCs do not come standard with “feature rich” WiFi cards that allow us to take FULL advantage of the eero high speed WiFi 2.5, 5, and 6 bands that the Eero 6 Pro modems emit.  In fact, it will take some time for work laptops, gaming consoles, family computers, and budget gaming PCs to even have a WiFi 6 card, let alone a good one.

Here is my specific example, I recently purchased an additional eero 6 pro router for my sons budget gaming PC because his WiFi card does not have WiFi 6 capabilities and his internet speed was 150mbps on average, even though the router outputs internet speeds up to 450mbps and above (this request was written in Jan2023 for future readers with 3gb of internet speed and a better WiFi method than WiFi6 to chuckle at!).  I thought I would purchase an additional eero 6 pro router and connect it to my sons budget gaming PC and turn off the WiFi, allowing my sons gaming PC and gaming console to reach speeds up to 450mbps.  At times, this plan works and the gaming console and gaming PC reaches speeds up to 450mbps, as intended.  However, soon we had mobile devices, Amazon Alexas, an ecobee thermostat, and other laptops connecting to my sons budget gaming PC (due to close proximity) which brings his average internet speed back down to the original 150mbps.  To add salt to the wound, fewer devices are now connected to the original eero router, where the coaxial cable and modem are located.  If I could turn off the WiFi on the second eero 6 pro modem I purchased, my son would receive a faster and more stable internet connection for the high usage it requires.  Keep in mind this directly applies to your customers who work from home as well!

Prior to eero’s unique multi-router mesh experience you would have to ensure your single router is placed next to the device that needs the strongest, fastest connection via ethernet.  This process can involve a lot of coaxial cable or ethernet cable followed by drilling and wall fishing to place the router where you need it the most!  Also, my previous routers allowed me to enter the gateway IP address and disable the WiFi.  The eero router does not allow this.

Please keep in mind that this is my humble opinion and I could be wrong.  Maybe I’m the only one who has run into this issue.  Thank you for your time and consideration.

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    • By_com_Sh
    • 4 mths ago
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    You’re not the only one. Eero has sadly been ignoring continuous requests for this feature for years. Just say goodbye and move on to another network.

    • Skelp
    • 3 mths ago
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    On an Eero 6 you can disable wifi by pressing reset button on the base 8 times. It restarts with wifi disabled - you'll need to do this any time it reboots, but it works for me

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