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It would be very beneficial to be able to add static routes on the Eero gateway. I have multiple VLAN's for different types of users/workloads which has the SVI on the VLAN. Default route on the VLAN points to the Eero, that's where the trouble starts. Since Eero doesn't have VLAN support it can't route back. Adding static routes on the Eero gateway would fix this issue.

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  • This is a major shortcoming.  I also have an existing setup, fairly elaborate inter-vlan routing to mock up customer L3 before I ship gear, and I need internet from those networks to pull licensing and firmware.  I cannot believe for the life of me at this point in time a feature like this was overlooked.  My ancient Netgear from like 2002 could do this.  This seems like something Apple would have done to make my Moms head not spin.  $400 later it cant do a simple static route... and it runs Linux under the hood!  Sad...

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  • This would let me use my USG for advanced features and still keep eero secure.

  • I concur, this is a MASSIVE shortcoming. Will likely have to ditch Eero and my Eero+ subscription due to the lack of this utterly basic feature.

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  • This is very massive shortcoming. Can you add this feature as soon as possible? 

  • A basic feature such as static routes not being supported is ridiculous. I may return the whole thing simply because of this. It's insane a basic $40 router can do static routes but this can't.

  • This is a major shortcoming and is very disappointing. This option must be added, what's the point of having an advanced option in the settings if you can't do anything advanced? 

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  • I really hope they add this as well. The Starlink router's wifi can't be turned off at present, so the only way to have one wifi network and avoid confusion is to plug the dish straight into Eero and not be able to control it. Alternatively, one can use another router in-between to add a static route. This isn't ideal. At least they finally added bandwidth monitoring 3 years later.

  • I agree wholeheartedly, starlink requires this to route to the statellite dish to monitor the dish function. Starlink will shortly be millions of customers all whom can't use eero and monitor their dish. 

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    • Pbook7777 I contacted support and they said to just set the gateway to a static ip, which Starlink doesn't support. I humoured them and it ended up disconnecting my gateway, resulting in me having to setup my entire network again, one Eero at a time. There is no web admin panel so you literally can't do anything, the entire network is done, what a joke. Thank goodness for TP-Link, their load balancing routers are fantastic and it's super easy to setup a static route and DMZ the Eero gateway to prevent a double NAT for gaming.

  • This should be prioritized by the eero development team. If a cheap $50 router can have the ability to setup static routes through a gui, so can the Eero team. 


    Static routes allow more technical customers the ability to setup labs and route traffic from the internet or have multiple different labs pass through the eero network. Allows all IoT devices to access everything in the home network.


    There should also be the ability to manage the eero network from a web portal from inside the network by accessing the gateway eero's IP. Maybe even a CLI option. 

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  • Also upvoted.

    Anyone with a Starlink and Eero (increasing numbers, surely..) will be asking for this so that the Starlink app can communicate without the Starlink router being in the way (it can't act in a Bridge mode yet).

    Lots of discussion of this on the subreddits for r/eero and r/starlink from confused users.

  • Lack of this feature is the main reason my eero is sitting on a shelf.

  • It's hard to understand how a router without static route capabilities could be called eero Pro.  Its more like overpriced eero - nonPro.  Professional folks need not look here.

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      whp Had I known this up front, I would never have purchased this.  I need to replace some hardware at another location and will certainly not be looking at eero if it doesn't have static routing.

  • Could really do with this basic feature, even my NAS has it.......

  • I concur that not having static routes it's a definite shortcoming. For example, right now I'm working with eero to address an issue with my printer keeps showing offline in eero, when in fact it is alive and well to me. They've had me change the printer to the Wi-Fi "guest" Network ( as part of a diagnostic activity). Once the printer is on the guest Network you cannot print to it as there is no route in Euro to the guest subnet. If we have static routes we could create a route to where the printer is. And of course there are many other reasons why you need this but this is just one.

  • This should absolutely be a feature on Eero. In my case, I need site-to-site VPN, and without being able to add routes, it's impossible.

    FWIW... Routing is the basis for ALL network equipment so the device is technically capable of offering this in its current firmware. So, why is eero so reluctant to add a UI option for this to allow us (more tech savvy peeps) to be able to add some?

    To compare: TPLink & Netgear, 2 very common 'household vendors' offer this in their UI, even though 90% of the audience doesn't use it, as they don't know what it's for... but it's there!

    So come one eero... expose the capabilities of this product more by creating a UI for it, or else you will lose so many customers by limiting the capabilities that are ALREADY POSSIBLE by the device. Seems like a very silly choice to have made. 


  • I like my eero 6 plus and would likely pay a subscription if only I could view my Starlink stats with a basic static route feature. No static route = no Starlink customers Eero. You're way behind on this.

  • Just want to chime in that I was looking for this feature in the UI today and am surprised a device that claims to be a router doesn't support this. Have avoided paying for a subscription but would even pay for one as I'm currently blocked on supporting multiple custom subnets because of this feature missing.

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