Eero and Google MDNS multicast discovery packets

It is sounding like there has been some headway with the other router manufacturers who are having WiFi and router reboot issues associated with the latest security patches on Android devices. https://www.myce.com/news/confirmed-issue-google-cast-causes-temporarily-wifi-drops-around-world-83428/  This issue is one of the reasons I moved from Orbi to Eero. For the record, Eero has not rebooted once since the move. That said, I was wondering if there is a potential for other less drastic side effects of this Google MDNS issue that might manifest itself on the Eero? Is this something that the Eero engineers are going to look at as well?

I have a strange issue where my wired devices are showing a fairly consistent 65 mbps download speed but my wireless devices are hovering between 30 and 45. These are devices connected to my main Eero router, not the beacons. Rebooting the clients that I'm testing from does not help. Rebooting the network fixes the situation for a while. I haven't had the Eero for that long so I can't really draw a pattern. Any ideas what could be causing it? A bandwidth hog on the wireless network? Does anyone have a easier way to track it down if it is? I asked this question in the same post as the Google MDNS question because since it is a flood, could that be causing some internal issues with router? Not enough to reboot it or cause a full on WiFi dropout, but some other issue?

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  • I emailed support asking if they will release a patch after finding these articles.  Makes great sense to me now.  I've had Eeros for over a year, probably like two years.  Whenever they came out?  It worked great forever.  150mbps/27mbps internet stream.  Never a reboot.  Never a freeze.

    The past two or so months have been hell.  Internet speeds bottom out regularly.  Connections totally freeze for devices and nothing loads on the internet or intranet.

    What changed for me over the course of time?  Major changes started in October through Xmas.  5x Google Home Minis, 1x Google Cast enabled TV,  3x Pixel XLs, 2x Pixelbooks, 2x TicWatch S, Nexus Player (Android TV), Cast Audio, 2x Chromecast, and a few other items.

    Thinking about it, degradation increased a lot towards the very end of my tech build out.

    I find it a complete drama trying to load websites and even access my Hue Labs for all my sensors now.


    • derekcentrico The Eero developer who posts to Reddit says it's already defended against, and should have limited effect on an Eero system.



    • txgunlover Unfortunately, this isn't the case for me.  I have the exact problems described by other users with other hardware.

      The only option, assuming the software is in place, would be to start replacing all my Eeros with another brand that has a patch to determine if it's all gravy on another platform.  That's expensive just to find out it's on Eero.  

    • derekcentrico I have 8 Google homes and 5 Chromecasts and haven't found that to be the case.  They definitely caused my Orbi network to crash continually.  Good luck!

    • txgunlover Yeah, my eero connection just freezes on my Windows PC, Pixelbooks, Pixel 2XLs, and so on.  It will lock up for minutes at a time.  Intranet and internet are both affected.  Tons of reboots and mashing of teeth.

      I'm not sure what to do next.  I'm just praying that this "fix" comes out by Google and maybe get some eero tweaks so that I don't have to decide whether to stay w/ eero or jump to another brand in hopes of a solution.

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