Disconnected devices are staying on my list of connected devices

I have three (at least, just sure about three) devices that are no longer on my network, but are persisting on the app connected devices list. They are not in the "Recently on your network section" - they are in the top section of current connected devices. 

They include: 

 - Amcrest POE camera that is sitting in a box on my kitchen table

 - Blue Iris server that was running on a laptop - no longer running on it

 - Another POE camera that is also sitting in a box on my kitchen table 

May be more, those were the obvious ones. I force-closed and restarted the app and the "ghost" devices persist on the connected device list.

Is there a way to ensure that devices move to the "recently connected" list when they are removed from my network? 

Is this a known issue w/the devices list that is being worked on?


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  • Crickets...could I please have some help with this?

  • Hi Danabw —

    Thanks for letting us know about this issue! It's definitely a strange one. I'd like you to try force closing your app again, but this time please unplug your gateway eero (the one connected to your modem) from power for about ten seconds. Once you plug it back in, reconnect your device to the network and open the eero app again. 

    If the issue persists after that, please give us a call at 1-877-659-2347 or email us at support@eero.com so that our technical support team can take a closer look. Thank you!

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  • Yes, that appears to have fixed it, the old devices are finally gone. Interesting that rebooting the base unit didn't work, but unplugging it did.

    Appreciate your help. Something for you guys to look into 

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  • New to eero. So far all working well. Just wanted to mention I'm seeing this same issue with one device. I unplugged for 10 seconds and it was still there. Unplugged again for a minute and it was gone. I suspect it's that it was the 2nd time vs. the duration that did it. 

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