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With Windows 10 now on 43% of all PCs I'm not sure why you would not be eager to develop a Windows 10 application.  As a business with an interest in deploying a mesh network, eero seems like the industry leader.  Without a Windows application your product is just not an option.  

With tools available from Microsoft to deploy your code on a Windows 10 PC, this project does not seem like a huge investment.

Are you considering this anytime soon?

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  • Start work on your phone to edit and collaborate, then add the finishing touch on your tablet or laptop.2. PowerPoint on a mobile device with Word, Excel and .

  • Windows 11 will be available in October 2021 and will allow running Android apps natively. You will then be able to manage from a PC. Pro does not enable more enterprise features in the app at all, just a dedicated third band for less contended backhaul connectivity. I am personally glad there is no built in web interface taking up CPU cycles on the eero devices but wish the app was slightly more feature rich.

  • Being saddled with a phone-only management system also means that in order for me to manage these devices, I have to allow them unfettered two-way communication outside of my network with a black box system I have neither control or visibility on, just to have another device (my phone) communicate from off my network, through this black box, and back into my network.  In other words, I have to just trust that Amazon (the owners of eero) will be much more trustworthy with this unfettered access to my home network and its data, than they are with Alexa and Ring data, and won't allow anyone that hacks their networks to then come through into mine.  From a cyber-security standpoint (yes, I work heavily on the security side of things at my company, and have a CISSP), this is not even laughable:  it is downright irresponsible.

    If they had a management interface that could be accessed either from my network, or from a direct cable connection, this gaping security hole could be closed up.  But no.  They say, "we want your feedback, so we can improve the product" but just look at this thread.  Over 4 years of users telling eero that they want this, but they can't seem to be bothered with doing it.

  • As a customer, not having a desktop or computer option is *HIGHLY disappointing. The iPhone app is wonderful, but there are times when it would be much easier and more convenient to work from my computer rather than my phone (Especially as someone 50+ who's eyesight is beginning to deteriorate).  As you can see by the LONG thread, you have a pretty high demand.  

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  • I just installed a three unit eero Pro 6E system. In looking at reviews, I had seen that the management depth of the erro solution was limited and basically the worst of the breed, but the product is overall good. That said, I did not expect in a thousand years that there would be NO web based management access. As several others in this thread going back 5 years, I am absolutely perplexed as to how you can consider not having a web based management interface and ONLY have management of the environment to mobile phone apps. I would disagree that you must create a Win X app. Unnecessary. Just allow one to go to, or whatever the internal gateway address is, and provide a web based management interface. The fact that this has gone unresolved for five years would appear that those within eero are digging their feet in and not caring what the user community wants. Very sad and disappointing. Given the pleas of others in this thread I am assuming that I will get no more love than the rest in getting the point across, but let me add my voice to the crowd in expressing my dismay, disappointment, and technical concern that web based management is not provided.

  • I agree - I would like to be able to manage my EERO network from my PC 

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