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With Windows 10 now on 43% of all PCs I'm not sure why you would not be eager to develop a Windows 10 application.  As a business with an interest in deploying a mesh network, eero seems like the industry leader.  Without a Windows application your product is just not an option.  

With tools available from Microsoft to deploy your code on a Windows 10 PC, this project does not seem like a huge investment.

Are you considering this anytime soon?

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  • Hi  TommyLGrundy

    Thanks for writing in. At this time, we have no plans to share regarding a Windows 10 app. We are always monitoring interest, and I'll be happy to pass this along to our team.

    Thanks again.

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      • Jeff
      • Jeff.3
      • 11 mths ago
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      Jeff C. I like the Eero product... but like others here, I am rather flabbergasted that Eero thinks not being able to manage our home networks from Windows devices is a good idea. 

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      • tvcaruso
      • tvcaruso
      • 1 mth ago
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      Jeff makes it hard to share access with family. Need central hub on PC, as a would like item....Thank you. 

  • Eero is designed to be run from a smartphone like iPhone or Android.  Windows 10 really isn't all that easy to code for compared to iOS or Android; doesn't help that Microsoft has also said they have no more software updates planned for any Windows phones including their Lumia phones, which does not inspire developers to make apps for Microsoft devices. 

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  • Richard, for the home market the decision to manage the system on a smart phone make sense; however, managing from a Windows PC seems to be a no brainer.  Like you, I see no reason to code for Windows Mobile, but Windows 10 PC seems to be to be perfectly logical next step.

    eero seems like a great product, one I'd very much like to manage from my Surface Pro. 

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  • Richard1864 

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  • I just contacted Microsoft and they said they are going to continue to do and offer software updates  for Windows 10 mobile. I am on the Windows insider program for mobile and still get updates. 

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  • Even if there is not an intention to support Windows 10 on the Phone/Mobile platform it still makes sense to support an app for Windows 10.  You could build a Windows Universal App that would work across all Windows platforms and get Desktop/Surface which would provide a large base of usage.  Look at development tools like BlueMix or Xamarin and you can get a cross platform support (iOS/Android/Windows) to reduce the cost of the additional channel.

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  • Totally concur, at least support Windows 10. With an up and coming mesh system being challenged by the big boys, they should cover all bases to increase market share or they will be left behind. 

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  • Wishing this would happen too!

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  • i would also appreciate the windows 10 app. im 32 and just a home owner. i have bought the eero system and ITS KICKIN!!! over 230mbps wifi speeds. Incredible for my house! Recomended already but this product should not just 2/3rds of the way and stop. i just hope this doesnt mean that the product will only live up to 2/3rds the hype.

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  • It would be nice for large sets of data entry such as Port Forwarding rules to have a desktop or web client.

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  • I am not sure why you need an app...just a web interface would work!  It seams kind of silly that you can't use a computer to configure a router in order to connect the computer to the router.  I know some IT people who won't recommend this to their clients because it breaks from a traditional interface.  Imagine needing a special app for each different wireless network you help manage or monitor.  typing in a IP address in a browser is so much easier.  I would like to still see an app though! 

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  • I also would like to see an app for the desktop computer.  I do not connect my phone to any devices.

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  • You mean I just spent over $500.00 on a home wifi product and you guys don't think it's necessary to offer a Windows 10 program app? Are you kidding me???

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  • New to Eero and like it so far.  However, I do not understand why there is not some mechanism for accessing the information in the app via my Windows 10 computer, which is where I do most of my home network management.  

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  • I do hope Eero will make a app for windows 10, like the last post I use my my W10 machine to handle my network except the Eero.

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  • This was asked 2 years ago, businesses don't want to manage their networks with a mobile device all the time. Any updates?

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      • JTswiftheero
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      • JTswift
      • 1 yr ago
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      They’ve said on a number of occasions that it’s too much of a security issue. 

    • JTswift JTswift Given how insecure iOS is, and even with the mild insecurity of Android, that's not a valid argument. 

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  • I'd suggest to eero that if they migrated development of their apps to the Uno Platform (https://platform.uno) then a single code-base could be used to deliver native apps for Windws, Mac, iOS, Android, and the web - giving customers the choice of what types of devices they could use to manage their network. It's just silly to limit it to mobile OSs since the world has so many more computers available that could be used for network management. Honestly it's annoying while using a PC to have to stop and pick up a phone to do something that the PC is capable of - especially managing network resources, which is a common task for PC users on all OSs.

    This is one of the reasons apps like Your Phone on Windows are so popular - they allow PC users to interact with their phones via their PCs.

    Anyway, Windows 10 is the most popular desktop OS in the world and as of the start of last year was running on 700 million devices (https://www.theverge.com/2019/1/2/18164916/microsoft-windows-10-market-share-passes-windows-7-statistics).  Not being able to figure out how to deliver a secure network interface via a PC really makes me wonder about the technical proficiency of their engineers.  If the product requires someone else's product (an Android or OS device) to use it, it's really an incomplete product.

    I didn't choose eero - and I wouldn't have for reasons above, it was foisted on me by an ISP, but the lack of the ability to manage my network on ALL of my devices is a good reason to dump this product - and the ISP pushing it on me, and work with one that allows me to interact from my network from all of my networked devices.

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  • As I cannot add a second or third eero device to my network without the message, "Unfortunately, eero has stopped", and since the phone wait time is 40 minutes, and eero has not responded to two emails for help, and whereas, it's ridiculous that I must borrow my wife's cellphone to access the app (no Windows 10), I am ready to return the whole mess to Best Buy.  At least my Netgear worked from the start.

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  • Still nothing??!! I have a gorgeous surface pro in addition to my desktop pc's and I have to use my tiny cellphone to configure my elaborate home network which consists of well over 30 nodes and iot's. This is ridiculous. It would take very little effort on eero's part and yet Microsoft users are left in the cold. Had I known this from the start I would never have purchased it and am now tempted to put my eero up for auction on ebay. Every other device I own (including ecobee) allows at least a browser interface/gui for me to use. I am willing to wait just a few more months to see if anything emerges since this thread exists.

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  • It really is quite sad that there aren't any plans for a Windows 10 app to control this. Like others have said, it's quite annoying and tedious to have to manage the entire thing from a small phone when I've got so many other devices it would be much better suited to. 

    Please reconsider making an app for PC as it's a massive part of the internet. 

  • Doh!  Did a lot of research before I bought the Eero and never once considered I could not manage my network from my Win10 control pc. 

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