Request for tracking Internet speeds over time

Hello folks, 

I finally splurged on an eero over the holidays and have not looked back. Eero has solved my persistent wifi issues. But it also has room for improvement. 


It would be really neat to visualize downlink/uplink speeds as a line graph over time. Enabling speed tests to run automatically at consistent intervals would allow end users to detect any variabilities in speeds.  


Is this topic considered to be in development?   

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  • Only issue I'd say is I find the speedtest on the app from eero is very inconsistent. I'm assuming it's connnecting back to an eero server. Because I'm on a gigabit ISP and I find many times the download speed randomly shows up as 1-5Mbps. Clearly it's closer to 950Mbps when I check servers. The highest I've seen it ever is 640Mbps. So be nice to connect to servers but then I'm assuming they would need to pay Ookla some license fee so maybe that won't happen.



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  • Hi  Sleepyhollow2257

    Welcome to the eero community and thanks for your feature request! We are thrilled to hear eero has solved the WiFi issues you've been experiencing.

    This is great feedback. I don't have anything to share at this time on whether or not this is something we would do, but we are always looking for great feedback on ways to always create an even greater app experience.

    Thanks again! If there are any developments, I'll be sure to update this thread.

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  • I would love to see this too. Maybe have a more advanced view of the speed test numbers, where if you tap on the numbers you go to a graph that shows you the current overall upload and download speeds being used by the eeros? That would be an awesome way to keep track of the network.

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