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Hi! I'd like to replace my router with an eero.  Currently, I have an ethernet switch between my modem and multiple ethernet outlets in my home. I have a router connected to one of the ethernet outlets.  

If I want to hardwire several eero devices, will they work correctly together if they are wired to ethernet jacks connected to the switch?  Or do I need to have my modem connect to an eero and then that eero connect to a switch and then multiple other eero connected back to the switch for it to work right??

Thanks! Too confusing!

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    • cMoo92
    • 5 yrs ago
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    You won’t regret switching to eero!

    This is how it needs to be connected:

    Modem > eero > switch > other eeros and devices

    I’m not sure how you’re not having problems with your current setup, unless you don’t have any other devices connected to the switch. You normally would never have anything between your modem and router (unless your modem is actually a modem/router combo and you’re essentially double NAT-ing).

      • surgonc
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      Thanks for the info!


      My current modem is a combined modem/router. I have an Airport extreme and several base stations hardwired in my house. They all send the same SSID. We have a bunch of Nest Cams, Sonos devices, etc. We have been having some dropped connections and slow wifi speeds, so I decided to make the move to Eero.


      Also, we have gigabit ethernet but my wifi speeds are usually below 50mbps.


      Thanks again!

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