Custom DNS Servers for IP reservations


I would like to be able to specify different DNS Servers for IPs that have a reservation. This would be different from the DNS Servers given for all the other clients, if I choose. I am using a local DNS server (pi-hole.net) and also Disney Circle. It's a complicated setup.... and Disney Circle (uses DHCP) can get into a loop with my dns server. I would like to be able to give Disney Circle a static up, and a different set of DNS Servers so it ignored the local dns server all together.

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  • This is silly.  Essentially you would be making a DHCP scope for 1 IP and changing DHCP options.  We cant even change these options for everything in DHCP yet.  Just set the DNS setting statically on your device and call it a day.  

    • wjcannon If you do not like the feature idea, why do you feel compelled to comment?  Whether you think it is silly or not, it would be helpful in my current setup as described above.  Whether the devs think it worthwhile is up to them.  For now, I have worked around this in my setup to have my local dns server ignore requests from Disney Circle, so the circle defaults to the secondary DNS server in my config instead.  

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      wjcannon This requirement is not as silly as you may think... Android devices (as an example) do not allow you to locally override static addresses, let alone DNS or gateway settings. Other devices (such as Smart TVs) often suffer from the same problem. 

      This should be an easy thing to do within the "IP reservation +port forwarding " section of advanced network settings..  Alternatively, eero should allow you to create a virtual ISSD where you can specify different network attributes such as DSN. (much like my Linksys AC32000AM allowed) 

      zimmerman80... I also use Pihole for add blocking and 'am having the same challenges. 

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