Toggle to temporarily disable a Wi-Fi frequency

The Common Problem

Many of the complaints I've read about Eero, especially regarding a desire to have different SSIDs, relate to adding smart devices on the 2.4Ghz frequency. I'm not a fan of having separate SSIDs, and I'm happy that neither is Eero.

Anecdotally, when I received my Eero system just a few days ago, the biggest pain was adding those 2.4Ghz frequency smart devices (baby camera, thermostats, plugs, sound system, lights). What I eventually did was remove all beacons, then plug a beacon at the furthest point in the house, move to that location, disconnect my phone's Wi-Fi then reconnect it; this would cause the phone to connect to this beacon, which would be emitting over 2.4Ghz. Once that happened, I would have to quickly go to the smart devices that required 2.4Ghz and attempt to set them up before the phone roamed to the gateway.

I think anyone could agree that this is not a good workflow. None of us should have to concoct hacks like this to get our devices connected. Through the whole process I kept thinking how inconvenient this was, given that I had just spent a fortune on this new tech.

The Proposed Solution

The other thought I kept having was this: there should be an option in Eero to temporarily disable a frequency. In other words, each frequency can have a toggle that will disable it for n minutes, then automatically come back online. Given Eero's desire to want to keep things as simple as possible, I think this is a good compromise. I literally only needed this kind of control for about thirty minutes, and from this point on I probably won't need it again--at least until I add a new device that requires 2.4Ghz.

Group these toggles under a "Compatibility/Smart Home Configuration Mode" heading, provide an informational "i" prompt about this section, which would describe what these toggle do, and let the user know these are temporary toggles that automatically revert.

I think this maintains the simplicity many of us, including the Eero team, desire, while giving (predominantly) us smart home users the workaround we need to address our numerous devices that cannot help themselves.

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  • Couldn't agree more! I have the exact same issue and it is something that is totaly needed.  

    I want smart things in my home and not being able to connect them is a true pain!  

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  • I second that motion. It's often very frustrating adding 2.4 Ghz devices to my Eero network.

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