Internet Speed Greatly limited by Eero Router

Hello all,

I recently moved to a new home and got setup with charter spectrum 1 gigabit internet.  Next to the router they gave me, I was getting 800+ mbps consistently.  However, I soon realized that the router was not working in different corners of the house due to being too far from the router, so that brought me to upgrading to a new router with mesh points.  I started with Amplifi which worked, but had lots of dropping issues and the router would only ever get 300+ mbps right next to the router, where as the spectrum one was still getting 800+.  I spent an hour with their support trying every setting change possible, SSID, steering, etc etc. and nothing seemed to help.  


I then figured it was just a setting with their router so I got rid of that and went with eero.  Eero is now also having the same issue, its only getting 400+ mbps when the charter one is still doing 800+.  I've also tried messing with all of the network setting for the eero router as well and nothing seems to push 800+ mbps like the spectrum router, under the same conditions, same computer I'm testing on etc.


If it matters, this is the one I've purchased:

eero - Pro Mesh WiFi System (3 eeros), 2nd Generation - White



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  • I've run into the same situation.  Eero is fantastic for internet speeds of 200 Mbps or below for wireless transmission speeds.  Wired speeds from Eero will give you the gigabit speeds that you're paying for.  The only wireless mesh system that I know of that will be able to wirelessly transmit anything close to your  internet speed would be the Orbi but they are known to have connection issues and are very slow to update their firmware to fix the issues.  I know firsthand because I just switched from Orbi to Eero because of the shoddy firmware / connection issues.  My devices would constantly drop connection.  The worst offender was my AppleTV running a Plex client.  I'd be in the middle of watching a movie and it would suddenly drop the connection.  I'm looking forward to Eero introducing new hardware that will be able to keep up with gigabit internet wirelessly without the need for a wired backhaul.  Hopefully the new hardware will support WiFi 6 and have a more robust radio backhaul.  Orbi has just announced new hardware that supports WiFi 6 but I don't want to go back.  I like the beauty, simplicity, stability and support that eero seems to provide.  

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  • Nick,


    This has been a source of frustration for me also. I have an Eero 2nd Gen setup with one base and two Beacons. My ISP is Cincinnati Bell FiOptics with fiber to the home, 500down/200up. I have my Eero base directly connected to the ONT via Ethernet, nothing in between. I typically have 30+ devices connected wirelessly, nothing is ever connected via a wired connection.

    In the first few months of having the Eero, the automatic speed test in the Eero app would show speeds very close (sometimes slightly greater) than the speed I am paying for. Then after say 3 months of that consistency, the auto speed test would show say 5 days out of the week with speeds close, the the other two days would show much slower speeds, say around 150down/135up. Now I rarely ever get close to ISP speeds. My last 30 speed tests in the Eero app show only two times I was getting close to what I am paying for. The download speeds are now always in the 100’s and upload is now usually 135.

    Here is where the frustration comes in. I have had my ISP over on a number of occasions thinking it was them. They measure the speed at the ONT, everything is good. They measure speed speed via a wired connection to the back of the Eero base, everything is good. We then use a laptop connected to the back of the Eero base via Ethernet, everything is good. So why is the wired test in the app so much slower than those three wired tests?

    The Eero is amazing in that nothing ever drops connection, or buffers. If I never looked at the speed tests that the app auto runs, I would never notice anything wrong. The fact is though that I do. I am running the latest version of the Eero app on the latest version of iOS, and the latest updates for the Eero devices. Why is the “wired” speed measured from the app, so much slower than the “wired” speed measured from the back of the Eero? Why has wired speed tests in the app suddenly been showing me such “slow” speeds? I have asked this a couple times via Eero support and get sent back a link to an article explaining why wireless speeds are different than wired speeds, this is literally not the issue. I have seen numerous speed tests from folks on twitter than show an Eero app wired speed test of greater than 500 down.

    This has been a source of frustration for me. Honestly if I didn’t love Eero plus so much along with the other built in parental controls, I would go with another device. Eero is great, this speed discrepancy is just annoying. I am not an expert in networking, so maybe everything is working just fine, I have not idea, and the device costs $400, to me that is a problem.

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  • Same issue. I've been communicating with Eero support for a few weeks trying to troubleshoot the issue. I doubt this is a hardware issue. Since I will see tests on the Eero app with the expected speed (400Mpbs) once in a while. 

      • JHH4
      • JHH4
      • 7 mths ago
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      JFM It’s limited because of the way that eero chose to use it’s available radios to communicate with each unit.  They do not use a dedicated backhaul radio but instead use whatever radio seems to be best for the given situation.  It could be 5Ghz or 2.4Ghz which is determined by a number of factors such as signal strength, band crowding etc.  It’s a dynamic process.  


      I had an Orbi system before this eero and it delivered nearly full speed wirelessly because it used a dedicated 5Ghz backhaul radio.  At the time that I switched they were having connectivity issues and my devices were being dropped and reconnecting at random.  I think they have issued a few firmware updates that have addressed the issues but I’m now loving my eero because they are so low profile and Apple like in design.  I also wanted to save money so I dropped my internet speed down to 100 Mbps from 400 and I find it to be more than adequate for streaming 4K content on multiple TVs at the same time.  Once my ISP decides to boost our speed without charging more I always have the option to use a wired backhaul which would give me full speed without issue.  In my situation the wired backhaul is an option because I chose to wall mount my eero’s and I have easy attic access.  Running Cat6 through the attic and down to each eero shouldn’t be too hard.  Not really ideal because we all bought this system to be easy to setup and wireless but the option is there.


      I think eero is probably looking at updating it’s hardware to be WiFi 6 compliant.  I would expect that new hardware to overcome the speed issues but would also require another substantial investment to upgrade.  Orbi has already announced it’s new WiFi 6 compliant system that is due out later this year.  Keep in mind though that no current devices such as streaming sticks, Apple TV, laptops, tablets etc use WiFi 6 and I don’t think a firmware update will bring them up to date.  Maybe it will if you have a very new device with the most current radio installed that is already WiFi 6 ready and just requires an update to turn it on.

      • JFM
      • JFM
      • 6 mths ago
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      JHH4 The thing is, I am not testing through WIFI. I'm testing through the Eero app with the Eero hard wired to the modem.


      Having said that, support told me to update the firmware to the latest version that came out a few days ago and that did the trick. Speed are up to par with my internet provider service plan.

  • This issue has gone away for me. The nightly speed tests show the full speed that I am supposed to get, it’s been this way for the past two months.

  • I'm currently experiencing the same issue.  At first thought the issue was with Spectrum.  Spectrum dispatched 2 service calls in which the exterior and internal cabling was replaced.  We also replaced the RJ45 patch cables....new modem....issue persisted.  Spectrum checked performance....getting above spec at the modem.  Finally, spectrum recommended trying their router (also replaced but previously not in use).  Lo and behold, above spec performance.  Disconnected Spectrum router, connected Eero directly to modem, poor performance nowhere near the paid performance.  Switched gateway Eero.  Issue persists.  Disconnected and re-added spectrum, above spec performance again.


    Issue seems to be directly associated to Eero devices.  Previously impressed by performance but slowly noticed over a course of 3 or 4 months reduced performance.  Very frustrated at this point.  

    Any suggestions?

  • JohnP, 

    I’m experiencing the same issue. Had the Comcast tech come out and test the lines, modem and then use their standard router.

    ·         Here’s the outcome: replaced all cabling in a new house, tested my current Arris 6190 modem and Eero; Speeds vary between 80-220; I have 500 coming into the house.

    ·         Hardwired to modem: speed 488-499

    ·         Hardwired to gateway Eero: Speeds 220-230 at best

    ·         Swapped out gateway for another Eero: speeds went down to 190-210 at best

    ·         Reset all Eero’s and re-added them to network: Speeds 225-240 at best

    On 1/4/2020 my speeds through the routers was 450-475 and holding steady; on 1/5/2020 my speeds dropped to 80-220 fluctuating.


    Tech support has asked to hardwire, run test; swap out gateway, but still nothing. I’ve really enjoyed Eero so I went to Best buy and talked with an associate who has a Eero system. He stressed that he has the same issue starting 1/5/2020, and has the Speed test history to prove it. Sure enough; on 1/5/2020 his speeds went from 300 to 125ish, never more than 139.


    This simply cannot be an issue with cable or modems. When directly connected, these issues do not present. I’d hate to think that after Amazon bought Eero, they are issuing silence updates to force the end of life of their Eeros, so that we’d buy new ones... the current software is EeroOS 3.17.0, issues back in October 2019. When usually they are monthly updates. Seems odd the new one Eero’s are on sale for $175 for three. I have Pro’s and they remain the same at 500

      • Reaper71
      • Reaper71
      • 2 mths ago
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      EeroDragon  Same here. on 1/6/2020 i was showing over 400 on speed test and pay for 400.

      As of 1/8/2020 all speed test show 100 to 250 range, have tech coming today to look over network.

      • JohnP
      • JohnP.1
      • 2 mths ago
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      Reaper71 Hopefully they will figure it out. If you get a moment, let us know if issue is resolved. 

      I’m still getting subpar performance despite the last update to the eero devices...previously got 400+mbps until beginning of January.  The spectrum router is getting over 400mbps which is quite noticeable when browsing. 


      Would be interesting to know if the new Eero Pro provides the speeds expected.  Anyone with the Pro version who can chime in?

  • Sees odd that people would complain about "only" getting 300-400mbps when I get only 50mbps and my EERO works just fine with all my Ring units and other cameras and tons of connected stuff.

      • Eerodragon
      • Eerodragon.1
      • 2 mths ago
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      I think it's. Ore about what your paying for and how the Eero can/can't support it. If your paying for 50 and get 50, that's great. But if your paying for 500 or more and getting a fraction, then that not so great. 

  • I was watching a video the other day about internet connection. This guy made a very good point about how your internet comes into your house. His comment was about the line coming into your house HAS to make a direct connection to your router.Most ISPs will set the line coming in and branch it out several times. This means there's a lot of other connections before it gets to your router. So basically it should go directly to the router then out over your WiFi system. He said the speeds will be where they should be. The other way degrades your speeds. Interesting because I hadn't thought about it. Most out there probably know this but for the rest of us, it's a good lesson.

  • I also have experienced a drop in speed since January 6, 2020.  I ran speed tests through the wire from my device to the modem(Arris 6190) and got the 250mbps.  Same test through the eero produced 140mbps.  I'm at a loss how to resolve this.  I've tried resetting just about everything, but I'm a bit stuck now.

  • I was having this speed issue as well. So, I re-ran new Ethernet to all three eero’s.  All new cat6 cables from modem to eero gateway, then a 4 port switch to another switch and then to the other two eero’s.   I made new cat6 cables end to end, including re-fishing the wall outlets.  After re-wiring, I was still having speed issues!   Grrrrrr!  I was getting 35-59 Mbps when I pay for over 300.  

    I called eero support and they suggested replacing the two switches with Netgear 300 series switches.  So, I ordered two Netgear GS305 switches from Amazon. total cost of about $45.  

    I installed them tonight and it fixed the issue.  Not sure if the new wiring was even needed, but, I’m happy with the result and have future proofed the wiring for a while.  

  • Is this still a problem for other people? I'm getting over 400Mbps at the modem, but I only get a small portion of that wirelessly. 88Mbps in this test. I run straight from the modem to the EERO. They are all updated EERO pros. My PS4 is running out of the main EERO with a CAT6 and it struggles to get 150Mbps. I'm tired of lagging out, and getting only a portion of what I pay for. I've swapped the modem several times and had all new cable run, the only thing that has stayed is the EEROs and they about to go in the damn trash. 


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  • That's not normal.  What does support have to say?  Do you have SQM turned on?

  • What fixed it for me was going into eero labs and turning off Smart Queue Management (SQM). Then reboot all your eeros.  After that, I was getting way closer to my rates speed with Xfinity and it’s been rock solid since.  

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      • krusty76
      • krusty76
      • 7 days ago
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      JP Thank you for this! I am trying it now and am hopeful.  I totally forgot I had turned SQM on and my Eeros have been super unstable lately.  Have to disconnect and reconnect WiFi all the time and restart the network to get things cooking again.

  • I turned off all beta features my WiFi speeds when I am closest to the main EERO is well in line with what I am getting from my ISP. There’s some expected drop off as I connect to the other EERO’s, but nothing unexpected. Much better performance now.

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