Internet Speed Greatly limited by Eero Router

Hello all,

I recently moved to a new home and got setup with charter spectrum 1 gigabit internet.  Next to the router they gave me, I was getting 800+ mbps consistently.  However, I soon realized that the router was not working in different corners of the house due to being too far from the router, so that brought me to upgrading to a new router with mesh points.  I started with Amplifi which worked, but had lots of dropping issues and the router would only ever get 300+ mbps right next to the router, where as the spectrum one was still getting 800+.  I spent an hour with their support trying every setting change possible, SSID, steering, etc etc. and nothing seemed to help.  


I then figured it was just a setting with their router so I got rid of that and went with eero.  Eero is now also having the same issue, its only getting 400+ mbps when the charter one is still doing 800+.  I've also tried messing with all of the network setting for the eero router as well and nothing seems to push 800+ mbps like the spectrum router, under the same conditions, same computer I'm testing on etc.


If it matters, this is the one I've purchased:

eero - Pro Mesh WiFi System (3 eeros), 2nd Generation - White



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  • I've run into the same situation.  Eero is fantastic for internet speeds of 200 Mbps or below for wireless transmission speeds.  Wired speeds from Eero will give you the gigabit speeds that you're paying for.  The only wireless mesh system that I know of that will be able to wirelessly transmit anything close to your  internet speed would be the Orbi but they are known to have connection issues and are very slow to update their firmware to fix the issues.  I know firsthand because I just switched from Orbi to Eero because of the shoddy firmware / connection issues.  My devices would constantly drop connection.  The worst offender was my AppleTV running a Plex client.  I'd be in the middle of watching a movie and it would suddenly drop the connection.  I'm looking forward to Eero introducing new hardware that will be able to keep up with gigabit internet wirelessly without the need for a wired backhaul.  Hopefully the new hardware will support WiFi 6 and have a more robust radio backhaul.  Orbi has just announced new hardware that supports WiFi 6 but I don't want to go back.  I like the beauty, simplicity, stability and support that eero seems to provide.  

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