Connecting Eero to a comcast phone, internet, WiFi router

I have a combined comcast phone, internet router with built in wifi. I know I could use a cat5 cable to connect the two, but would the comcast wifi interfere with the Eero wifi? 

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  • Ideally you'd want to turn off the Comcast. There should be a way to turn off the WiFi. Give Comcast a call and see if they can either do it for you or walk you through it.

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  • I know how to turn off the wifi connection to the comcast router. The other question I have is the home we are building will have a crawlspace, which will be the same sq. ft. as the home, 3,000 sq. ft..

    I was wanting to install 3 Eero routers in the crawlspace with one being directly below the Den, which is in a central location in the home. Would I still get the same signal strength throughout my home with the routers installed in the crawlspace?

  • It may be fine, but no you wouldn't get the same signal. The materials will lower the signal strength for sure. 

  • Is the crawlspace climate controlled? If not, I'd be worried that the eeros could be negatively affected over time by humidity, etc.

  • Hey  davwarren —

    Thanks for your question and welcome to the eero community! As mentioned here, you have a few options depending on what you want to do.

    If possible, we recommend putting your existing modem/router device into bridge mode. This way, you'll be able to get the most out of your eero WiFi system. When your eeros are the one in bridge mode, you won't have access to all our advanced features .

    If you have any questions, please feel free to give us a call at 1-877-659-2347 or email us at support@eero.com.

  • Thank you! Putting the comcast modem/router in bridge mode does sound that the best thing to do. Thanks for everyone's advice.

  • Well I don't think the comcast wifi should interfere with Eero wifi

    • martinxgarrix not all router use the same IP . Every router has it's own default login gateway like: apple airport router uses as the default login gateway. You can learn more about

    • machrit141  Not necessarily all the routers will be using as their default gateways. I have seen routers using a wide range of ip addresses as their default gateway. Some of them are as follows: login ip admin ip address login address router ip

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    • Justintredue 

      The IP address 192.168.I.254 is a private IP address that comes in a range booked from IANA(Internet Assigned Number Authority) for specific purposes. When you buy a modem or router, you get credentials to log in to the router that allows you to make changes to your router. A private IP ensures there are no conflicts and no-one else can log in to your network.

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      • Xfinity/Comcast ® Router Login IP Address
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      IP Address (Default Gateway) Router Admin Login: The routers usually take their default gateways this is not possible.

      You can also check various other IP addresses used by a router. There are numerous IP address,, used by routers as the default gateway. 


  • I’d like to expand the original question just a bit.  I’ve enabled bridge mode on the Comcast router, created my single network and every wireless connected device works...with the exception of the wireless Comcast TV access points.  I turned off bridging, set up another eeros network and the TV wireless access points starting working again.  Has anyone run into this and resolved this issue?

  • Would exchanging the Comcast/Xfinity cable modem/router for a Comcast/Xfinity cable modem (only) be another option?  What would be the pros and cons of this approach vs. enabling bridge mode on either the Comcast router or on the Eero?  Would doing so be a better, worse or just a needlessly more complicated solution?  Thanks!

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  • 192.168.l0.1   common ip address

  • 192.168.l0.1  This ip address is most common among the home networks.

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