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I see there is a badge notification on the app but once in the app, not sure what to look for or where as there is no indication anything changed or if it did, when or what.  Just want to be able to go into the logical location ‘Notifications’ and see something like a log.  There is a log for updates but two types of notification events.  I would rather not have to chase them down to review.

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  • Agreed.  Not only the icon badge, but I get iOS notifications, then click on them only to be brought to the main application page and no idea of what cause/triggered the notification.

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  • 5months  CB later - did anyone get this to do something useful? I see the badge with a number. Inside the app, nothing...

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  • A year later still no movement on this issue? It is utterly maddening to have a notification badge but have no idea what it is trying to tell me. How can eero have not addressed this yet?! 

  • Looking for an answer to this. I saw a badge notification overnight. Since I am not expecting any new device, I am curious to see what was it but unable to figure out how to see it. I did see a "star" on the app but where do I look for it ? I tried looking for it in ios notifications and could not find it again.

  • Same here.  I see a badge number on the eero icon, but once in the app.......crickets.  What activity is posting a badge number on the icon?  At least knowing that would help in identifying any significant nature for the alert.

  • Extremely frustrating this has been completely ignored by Eero 

  • Over a year now since the first question in this thread, and NOTHING?  That is really just pathetic.  Come on, folks, show a tiny amount of respect for your customers.

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  • I’ve tried for over a year to get this problem fixed. It’s confusing that a badge would be set to get my attention and then no explanation for it provided. 

  • Has anybody in the eero hierarchy made any sort of comment about this problem, or are they just blowing us off?

  • No. I can’t get past support. They just keep trying to send me here to make a feature request, but I can see that it’s a complaint that’s been around a long time. My stance is that a notification with no explanation is a bug. 

  • Pretty sad that Amazon doesn’t give a crap.  I doubt that anyone at EERO even reads these community pages at all.  Over two years since the original post, over 10 months since MY OWN previous comment and NOT EVEN a courtesy  reply to let us know someone actually is responsible to see what their customers are looking for.  Truly, truly pathetic customer service.

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