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Most of your competing products(mesh ones) gives you a visual heat map of the access points, that gives you good idea on the access point placement

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  • Which other mesh products do the heat map?  I checked and can't find any that have that capability; Luma, Linksys Velop, Netgear Orbi, Ubiquiti, AMPLIFI, DLink, etc., none of them do heat maps for mesh placement.  I checked online and over the phone.  The only way you can do heat mapping with a camera/smartphone with the appropriate external infrared lens and filter, and those are expensive. There is no networking system, mesh or otherwise, that includes heat mapping in any way. 

  • Unifi controller does actually have this.  When I had a Unifi AP, they had it on there.  Not sure how accurate it was, but it had a heat map.

    Attaching a screenshot of my controller.



  • Cool.  So some Ubiquiti controllers can do heat maps. However, the original poster said most of Eero's mesh competitors' devices can provide heat maps, and that just isn't true. And Eero is designed for that capability; it's designed for ease of use in the home, and most home and commercial users would have no idea how to read or otherwise use a heat map. . I do networking for a living and I've no idea how to use a heat map for networking  

    Ubiquiti is commercial (business), and so far the only commercial one I can find that has that ability, commercial or consumer. 

  • It's a fairly common commercial feature (I'm an enterprise network engineer, so I spend a lot of time with this stuff). Traditional Cisco, Meraki, Aruba, Ruckus all do heat maps with varying degrees of accuracy. It's not super common for consumer, yet, but as mesh networks proliferate, we have to expect it coming. 


    FWIW, I suspect that the connection strength display recently added is laying a foundation for this functionality to come in the future. 

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  • Richard1864 There is a program you can download called netspot. It will do a heat map. There is a free version that works well, it will also allow you to import a floor plan to help you if you need to adjust your eero placement. Unfortunately it only works on windows computers. I installed it on a windows tablet, and walked around. It worked very quickly. I'm not sure how accurate it is.


  • PageRR A heatmap would be fantastic.   And thanks for the tip, I'll download and check out Netspot. 

  • Man, there are so many good requests on this forum that I haven’t thought of. This would be an awesome feature. 

  • A heat mapping utility integrated into the eero app is a fantastic idea especially for non-technical users questioning node placement. Hopefully others will add their voice to this thread.

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