Connecting to a VPN service

Hello I'm a NordVPN and Eero user and would like to be able to connect my eero to my VPN service of choose to ensure all of my devices can take advantage of the benefits of a VPN services. Thanks. 

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  • I also created an account just to add to this thread.

    Im lucky I found this,  was about to go drop $600 on the pro 6 system.. would have been PISSED once I figured this lack of basic features were not there. Also that they haven't even responded to this thread in 3 years. Ill definitely be going with a different brand..

  • I have the eero secure+ which comes with Encrypt.me. I would like to connect to some services but Encrypt.me only works from a PC App, so I have PrivadoVPN which has an App for the TVs. Ideally, I would like this feature which would eliminate the additional VPN. Add timeframe for VPN as well (connnect to VPN from this time to this time, or VPN on/off, or various VPNs)

  • Yes please. Nord or ExpressVPN. 

  • Looks like this topic is still under consideration and highly disappointing Eero still hasn't done anything about this. I just became a Eero user and not sure if I should return it, also a NordVPN user. 

  • this is seriously not done yet. Im selling my eero 6 pro tonight. 

    what a joke of a company.


  • I use Starlink for my internet with eero as my wifi router. The fact that Starlink does not allow port forwarding and eero does not allow native VPN is a huge problem. My home security system is a dedicated Windows PC running BlueIris to manage my cameras. I can not remotely access this PC without using some convoluted 3rd party software (ZeroTier). Starlink and eero are major players in the IT market yet don't seem to play nice together.  I am seriously considering dumping eero for a router that allows native VPN.  Please make this a priority. 

  • Just adding my vote. Please add this feature. 

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  • I still can’t believe so much time has passed, and such a basic feature like this is still not implemented. 

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  • I can tell you it still really sucks.  It is just a PIA, where I live, I have no choice but Starlink, but I do for a router, I will be dumping eero in the future.  

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