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Hello I'm a NordVPN and Eero user and would like to be able to connect my eero to my VPN service of choose to ensure all of my devices can take advantage of the benefits of a VPN services. Thanks. 

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  • I keep reading people have invested a lot in Eero products, and Eero doesn’t have the capability to run native VPN? We have 7-8 Eero routers on one property. Obviously like the product but if you can’t allow the simplest of VPN on the router side, it’s a shit product, and we can trash and buy another competitor brand. Looking for this to be updated in next firmware update. 

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  • Please!!! Such a no brainier! VPN via individual devices is a waste of time. On/off all the time. Set it up in the router and let me whitelist devices, people or apps. $$$$

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  • I'm a captive eero user...came with our ISP...installed today. I'm an ExpressVPN customer and had I known this was an issue...I should've looked for this earlier...I might have passed on going with MetroNet. Seems like the issue is eero not wanting to do the work necessary to implement this option and instead has decided shove us towards their own Encrypt.me solution which, surprise, isn't free and I'm not inclined to pay twice for a half-baked solution to replace a proven solution that I choose to bring to the table. This could be seen as a racket style shakedown.

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  • I really need that feature. Most of routers support it, so the effort should be low

  • Dear Eero

    as a loyal user of your product. My family landlord and I have bought three of your systems and just like this it doesn’t feel right for you to ignore a feature request that your users have been asking for for the past 4 years. Now that you’re owned by Amazon it would be easier for you to implement it and have it available through a software update. 

    Thank you

  • So I just made the switch away from Eero after getting tired of waiting for VPN features. I went with an ASUS AIMESH setup with Merlin firmware. It works great. However, it might require some tech saviness. If you want more of a plug and play solution, these are some good options:

    -Netgear Orbi

    -Tp Link Deco

    -Google WiFi

    Good luck everyone. It’s obvious this VPN request has gone of def ears. So time to move on. 

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  • This is one of the most important features that could be added for me as well. Would love to to be able to use OpenVPN protocol or others with ProtonVPN.

  • This certainly would be a great option given the security enhancement it provides.  Would be nice to see either in eero security+ or at least as an eero labs feature if it isnt ready for full integration.

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  • Just bought the Eero Pro 6 two pack yesterday and was surprised to find it lacking this feature. Certainly should be part of Eero Secure. 

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  • I thought I was getting a premium product. Sad to see this feature is still not implemented. +1 for the development request please. 

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  • This is a serious deficiency. This plus the inability to get my sonos sytem running seamlessly on the eero network has taken eero wifi 6 products of my list for next network upgrade planned for 1st half of this year.

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  • It is quite disappointing that EERO doesn't support VPN installation on its routers. Instead EERO suggests to it's customers that do want to use a network VPN to purchase a separate VPN router and install it between the modem and the EERO network. Why would anyone think it's a good idea to buy the EERO router system and still have to buy another router in order to benefit from having the popular feature of a network VPN? It seems like there is a decision to be made and I for one will be moving away from using EERO since it doesn't offer the options that are very important to me.

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  • I saw this request, and created an account just to support this request. Frankly this should already be an option. I’m surprised it’s not.

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  • I would like this feather.  Specifically I'd like to be able to specify specific which devices, either by IP or MAC address to use the VPN.

  • Wondering why VPN is not supported? Would like an answer from EERO.

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