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Hello I'm a NordVPN and Eero user and would like to be able to connect my eero to my VPN service of choose to ensure all of my devices can take advantage of the benefits of a VPN services. Thanks. 

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  • Honestly, I’d just assumed this capability when I bought the system.  I love the Eero platform but if I’ve got to shelf it to get router level VPN I’ll consider myself burned and move onto another Mfg/platform that’s interested in staying relevant.  In case it’s unclear I’m at +1 for this feature request.  

  • Hello I'm also a NordVPN and Eero user and would like to be able to connect my Eero to my vpn to protect all of my devices. Thanks.

  • I’d like this as well.

  • I’m another person that has just sunk big money into Eero.  I too request this feature and am terribly disappointed that Eero has essentially ignored a huge segment of its users for so long.  I scrolled through this entire thread and the fact that Eero hasn’t responded with the capability evinces a choice on their part.  That choice is not in its user’s best interest and I sympathize with the frustration.

  • I too would like this feature.  I feel like an idiot to have bought into eero without realizing it was not there. I will use a pass thru but will continue to evaluate other mesh systems and plan to move to one that supports it. eero needs to step to the plate and provide this support.

  • +1 for VPN support. Bought the eero a month ago and I absolutely love it. However, I would love to be able to use a VPN service with the router. Especially because I can see a world where you can simply activate it and deactivate it through the wonderful eero app.

    For me it's a double whammy because I live in Spain and we still do not get eero plus. (solve that as well, by the way!)

  • ExpressVPN user here and I would love this.

    At the very least, the feature could be initially released with OpenVPN support. I don't know about other VPN services, but ExpressVPN provides both their APP, as well as a simple OpenVPN configuration for applications where installing their app isn't an option.

  • It is incredibly disappointing to learn that this capability is not offered (my five-year old Netgear had this feature) and that the request for its addition has been basically ignored for three years. We finally bit the bullet and subscribed to a VPN and now we are looking to upgrade our router. We purchased an Eero Pro three pack today, but I am actually glad now it is going to take so long to arrive. Because I came across this, I will be cancelling my order and looking for a different solution. I understand mesh networks are targeted at people who just want something simple and easy to use, but a mesh network offers features advanced users would like as well. This is a deal killer though. Considering the nearly complete erosion of privacy that now exists, not supporting native VPN is unacceptable. You can offer simplicity and advanced in the same package. To a certain extent, routers have been doing this for years. You cannot brand a device PRO then not offer pro features.

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