Looking to move to 'mesh'. 2 Questions: Config & Number

Looking to move to 'mesh'.  I have two questions.  I have been using a large Netgear Nighthawk R8500 for about the last 3 years to create a big WiFi coverage area in my home.  My house is 8,200 sqft.  Obviously there are areas where the WiFi isn't strong and the backyard gets virtually no signal at all.  The house is 3 stories with 2x3,200 sqft floor plates and the top floor is 1,800ish.  Over the past three years I've added 2x4k TVs, 10xsonos bridges, Plex enabled Media Server, smart home devices: 2 nests, 4 smart switches... in total - with computers I have about 42 devices on WiFi or Ethernet.  Q1:  One eero unit would be placed in the center of the house near the modem and a netgear 1gb switch that distributes Ethernet to the rooms of the house.  Can the 'Ethernet backbone' between eero devices be connected through a switch?  Q2:  given the vertical nature of the house, how many eero devices will I likely need?

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  • Hi  Maersk_CO  —

    Thanks for reaching out and for your interest in eero!

    In regards to your first question, yes you can absolutely use the Ethernet backhaul via a switch to the main eero. You could even add a switch at other eeros and connect more eeros that way. One thing to note, however, is that eero Beacons don’t feature any Ethernet ports. For that reason, you’d need to use eeros which each have two dual-sensing Ethernet ports.

    At 3-stories and 8,200 square feet, we’d recommend 6-8 eeros. Every home is unique, so it can vary. However, since it sounds like you are planning to connect all the eeros via Ethernet, there is less of a concern regarding interference. You also have the option of adding more eeros should you need to, and even if your other eeros are connected via Ethernet, you could still place a few wireless eero Beacons in areas that are still experiencing poor WiFi.

    I hope this helps!

  • Wow... That's at least $1000 clams.  Still evaluating mesh systems, so I guess I should lean toward units that provide a greater coverage area like Orbi. Their recent releases bring Orbi more in line with eero and other true mesh solutions. Does eero plan to increase the range of their units, or is that counterproductive to the business model?

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      Maersk_CO —

      Sorry for the delayed response. Our coverage suggestion is based on real-world expectations versus what can be tested and claimed in a perfect lab setting.

      It isn't that we're limiting range — we're making sure eeros are covering as much space as possible. However, the range of a network's WiFi can be challenged by increased interference.

      At 8,200 square feet, there is likely an increased number of structures such as walls, doors, and other heavy devices that are known to interfere with WiFi signals.

      With that said, every home is unique so it can vary. Across three floors with wired eeros, you may be able to start with three and see if that covers the space sufficiently since there would be no wireless interference between the eeros. Should you need to add one or two more, you can always purchase additional eeros to improve coverage.

      Hope this helps!

  • I apologize to the group.  I wrote the above thinking that it was a private exchange between Jeff and I.  

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