Port forwarding and DMZ options need to be prioritized to attract power users

I've never opened and returned a product as quickly as I did with the eero. After spending a few hours researching mesh systems, I bit the bullet and dropped $400 for the triple pack of eero units. Amazon delivered the same day, and within about 15 minutes I had everything setup and working great. I sat down to start configuring port forwarding for my Switch, PS4, and gaming PC, only to find out that you could not set a range of ports within the in-app menu. I figured there must be a DMZ option to compensate for this, but alas, that was nowhere to be found. Finally, I assumed there would be a more advanced web portal, but it looks like that doesn't exist either. I packaged everything back up and ended up ordering an Orbi kit.

I really wanted to love the eero. The size of the devices is a humongous selling point, and I couldn't have been happier with the ease of setup and the fantastic UX within the iOS app. However, at a $400 price tag, advanced settings need to be made available for users who need them. Serious gamers and tinkerers are going to want those options to get ideal NAT settings and connectivity online, and without port forwarding ranges or DMZ options, this router is a no-go for me.

If the Orbi ever breaks, I'll check back in with eero to see if these essentials have been added. Until then, it was a great 15 minutes. Now to figure out how to hide these tall Orbi towers 😅

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