"Block New Devices From Network"

I noticed the "Network Lock" request here: https://community.eero.com/t/k9bygw/network-lock

I was actually thinking something similar but implemented differently. Rather than a "Network Lock" toggle it might be nice if there were something like a "Block New Devices From Network" toggle.

Any new device that joins the network would simply be blocked, and a notification could be sent that a new device has joined the network and been blocked.

The advantages to this implementation are that you'd get a notification on join and you wouldn't have to toggle the setting to get new devices on the network (you could just unblock the new device to let it on the network).

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  • Ditto, I like the idea of anytime a new device tries to join the network, the admin would be required to authorize it.  Functionality could be turned on/off for those having to manage large numbers of devices

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  • I too like this as I have a 13YO who knows how to spoof a MAC to bypass pauses.

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  • Sooner rather than later please.

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  • Yes for a paid security service on a more advanced router this should be standard. Every security test / certification has a MAC spoofing section. Apparently the CSO's oversite on the glaring security hole in every eero out there is almost contributorily negligent. When all your parental safe guards to keep your kids safe can be easily bypassed by changing your MAC (Windows 10 has this as an option) is seriously disappointing. This could be fixed by just having the previously mentioned "block new devices by default" or a default profile that all new devices go into. Then you can set a basic (no porn, off at 12AM, exclude some bad content) on this profile and sleep well. They could even up their game and also fix the ARP one too.

    FYI Circle has this option but alas has the ARP security hole. I guess pick your poison.

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  • Blocking new devices from joining the network needs to be a standard protective measure from unwanted intrusion.  A new device needs to be blocked and then allowed by the admin once identified as legit.  Orbi, at least, gives you the option to allow new devices to join automatically or block until allowed.  This feature needs to be added immediately.

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  • Yes for sure. I have switched to a Gryphon Guardian for security and parental control now. I have my Xfinity xFi modem in bridge mode connected to it. I use it without wireless and have the eeros in bridge mode as the mesh wifi. I have a few wired devices that plug into the Gryphon Guardian. This works great. It has a default profile that all new devices can go in automatically. I have it set to off at 1AM on at 8AM and no adult content / violence. I can restrict it more but it catches the sneaky kids and friends and allows them. Then I move the device later or just leave the friends devices in there. It also has a guest wifi that can have this also.

    Depending on how much work you want to do. You can set the wifi guest to block new devices and a default profile. Set a default profile and allow all new devices. Then you can use a second wifi for the parents and smart devices. It actually has a third wifi for the smart devices if you want to set that up. The guest will not have access to the main network.

    Also the smart device network can have access to the main network. The nest devices and cameras need this for the app to work when both device and phone / app are on wifi. 

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    • Bolter44 

      I am thinking of switching over to Gryphon since eero still doesn鈥檛 have the ability to block unknown devices or automatically assign them to a restricted profile. Are you still happy with your grave and set up and do you use both the Gryphon and your eeros?

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  • I just installed my eero system this week.  Same story here (creative teenager figures out how to spoof a MAC address within one day to defeat the pause), and it sounds like there's no fix after a year of requests.  Not encouraging.

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    • mrossney I wish I had known this before I spend money and time setting up this system. Teen has already figured it out and has overridden the pause. So, is the best action to change the wifi password? And, will it kick off their device?

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  • Same here. It is very easy to circumvent eero-restrictions, not only for kids but also for some smart-home devices that actually randomize their Mac-Address when  they find that connections are block.

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  • Come on Eero!  Are you paying attention to this thread?    This is a devastating flaw if you have creative, curious, and naughty children鈥lease fix!!!

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  • I sometimes won鈥檛 receive a mac address change when the kid makes a new one. Is anyone else having this issue? 

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  • Such a simple solution.  Eero obviously does not listen or want to provide basic security.

    Such a good mesh network.  Such terrible holes in basic security functions.

    Just a shame.

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  • "Block New Devices From Network" or "Network Lock" sounds very similar if not the same to me. One of these should be implemented. Now. I hope. It's badly needed.

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  • I'm on the market to upgrade to Wi-Fi 6 so I started looking for confirmation that a solution to this nuisance had already shipped or was close to shipping. I'm floored to see that this no brainer request has been languishing for three years. 

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  • Seriously please do this. Huge loop hole for all the hard work you guys did for the content filtering. 

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  • Get off your asses and stop making this Sesame Street. You could find a person anywhere to code this 

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  • Please implement this feature. For me would also be good to forbid any device with private address to join. 

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  • I completely agree. My teenage son figured out how to use vmware, parallels, and xenosource to make new MAC addresses and surf bypassing network restrictions. Can you please add this feature? When can we expect it. Thank you.

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  • How is this not standard functionnality after all this time?  

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  • Chiming in my support for this feature.  It鈥檚 such a trivial feature to add the ability to have a default group with controls for all new devices.  I鈥檓 appalled that this hasn鈥檛 been given attention or even an acknowledgment from the Eero team that they are looking into this.  

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  • This is much needed. I was surprised to find out that it was not possible.

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  • Any update on this? I can't believe this has not been addressed.

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  • none.  I had opened a ticket with their support that ewas going in circles where they would want to find something wrong with my network setup, going as was far as asking me to start my network from scratch.  I call on anyone reading this to do it as well:  open up a ticker with them;  tell them this is unacceptable that this isn't a feature yet and ask for it.  This is the only thing we can do to make them realize we want this!

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  • I had requested a "Sandbox" type setup where new devices are put into it until the notification to the owner has been either blocked or allowed. They would not be able to access anything until approved.

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  • This would be great for old forgotten devices and new.

  • Just adding my two cents here:

    Have a teen who loves to "accidentally" let his private mac address get enabled on his iPhone.

    I have the notifications setup to announce eero notifications on my AirPods, so I can respond rather quickly, but it would be nice if eero would do this standard.

    Another, clunkier solution I've thought is that if eero integrated with Apple Shortcuts, a shortcut could be setup so that if new device joins network, new device is blocked.

    Overall I like the eero system, but this is moving from annoying to show-stopping for our family/environment.

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