Would love to see what devices are connected to each eero!

1- It is very important to be able to see what eero box are the devices connected to. There is times where it looks like it does not transfer to the nearest one and there is no way to know. 2- Being able to see the signal strengh between the main box and the secondaries.

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  • Hi everyone –

    Thanks for sharing your interest in this feature. I'm happy to share that it is now available in the latest eero app (version 2.20.0) in the iOS and Android app stores.

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      • Chris
      • Chris
      • 8 mths ago
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      Jeff C. Thanks for the announcement. I just updated my Android app and tried this out. I have 4 full sized Eero Gen1's. I'm kind of confused as to why several of my hardwired devices (all without any type of wifi) show up as being connected to the Eero in my 2nd floor bedroom. The main gateway Eero is in the basement.

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    • Chris Thanks for reaching out and sorry to hear the issue. Are these all connected through a switch? Sounds like there may be some misreporting. Please submit a ticket to support@eero.com with all the details around how they are connected and our team will be happy to take a look and escalate if needed.

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  • Hey  RalphT —

    Thanks for reaching out and for your feedback on what you'd like to see with your eero home WiFi system. Also, welcome to the eero community :)

    We really appreciate you sharing this feedback with our team. If you'd like, our support team would be happy to help if you believe there are any potential performance issues on your network. They can be reached via phone or email: bit.ly/eerosupport

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  • This would be extremely helpful when reviewing devices on my network, why hasn't this been done yet? You can already see what eero the device is connected to, why can't we see a list within the eero itself? 

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  • agree, would be useful to view in this way by selecting an eero and then viewing a connected device list.  Or failing that show which eero a device is connected to on the main device list

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  • Add my vote for this option...it would be awesome to have!

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  • Hi  bryzi noah82

    In the eero app, you can see what eero your device is connected to by going into your connected device list and tapping on the device. There will be a section titled Connected to, which will show the eero the device is currently on.

    Happy to pass along the feedback for a list of devices that are connected to an eero.

    You can all see the signal strength between your gateway (the eero connected to the modem) and the other eeros on your network by tapping on the number of eeros on your network. For more, please see this article:

    How can I find the connection strength and status of my eeros?

    I hope this helps!

    **Sorry for any confusion with changing the status of this topic from Under Consideration to Implemented and back. I misunderstood the request to be just showing which eero a device is connected to, which can be found here.

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  • Jeff C. Yup, I love the fact that you can view which device is connected to which eero.  Taking that to a new level, being able to tap on an eero node and see every device connected to it would really help when deciding the placement of a node to make sure that the devices that should be connecting to it are doing so.

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  • Thanks for the feedback,  noah82 👍

    It should be noted, however, that if they are stationary devices (like a thermostat, TV, etc. ), they won't typically try to switch eeros. This is because they don't roam.

    In most cases, they will connect to the correct eero. If they don't, you can always reboot the device, and ideally, it should connect to the closer eero when it comes back online, or if the device can't be rebooted, you can power cycle the incorrect eero so that it will connect to the correct one.

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  • Jeff C. yup that makes sense about the stationary devices. I had one case where my Rachio landscaping Automator kept switching between the main gateway which was much further than the node about 20 feet away. 

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  • Jeff C. Don't think this is what was asked for.  Tapping on an eero to see what's connected to it is a useful feature.  Without that you'd have to tap on every device and as I have 30 odd at any one time and that's a pain

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  • bryzi  —

    Sorry, yes, that was my bad! I misread the post and confused it with another similar request 😞

    We appreciate you sharing your interest in this feature! I'll be sure to update the thread if we have any news to share.

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  • I totally agree with this request. It's great to be able to select a device and see which Eero its connected to with the current app version, that should be extended to the eero device screen so there is a tab that shows all connected devices. An alternative would be to add an eero filter the existing Devices list screen.

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  • +1, with band indicator 2.5/5 (color coded maybe?)

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  • Another "me too" reply here... the ability to tap on an eero or bacon and see what's connected to it would be great, and a +1 to the idea for some type of 2.4/5 indicator (color coding, symbol, etc.). Thanks!

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  • +1. I’m eagerly waiting for a more efficient way to see a list of devices connected to each beacon. Color coding and/or symbology showing connection state (i.e., speed, signal strength, connection duration, signal band/channel, etc.) would be great!

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  • I have 50+ devices and this feature would help me ensure I'm not putting all the load on one poor eero.  Please implement.

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  • I have over 90 devices, and this would be very helpful.

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  • Another vote for this feature request.  Placement of the eero's (I have four of them) would be much simpler if I could easily see which devices are connected to which eero.  Ideally, this would be a graphical view, but a list would be almost as useful. 

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  • +1 for this feature.  Coming from Orbi, this is sorely missed.

    (would like an iPad app too!)

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  • +1 for this feature. Ie., list of devices that are connected to an eero, by clicking selected eero or eero beacon, eliminating the need for one by one walkthrough by clicking each individual device.

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  • +1 for this feature, as well. We already know which devices are connected to each eero, so why not aggregate that same information (that already exists!) so you could tap on an eero to see its list of currently-connected devices. Bonus points if you could include/exclude or blacklist/whitelist devices toward certain nodes -- things on my second floor are skipping past much-closer eero nodes and connecting to the one in the basement. Bad behavior, and I wish I could force them to not look there!

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