Removal of offline devices

I have several alexa-enabled smartplugs around my network.  For some unknown reason, 2 plugs have gone offline and despite enthusiastic endeavours, refuse to re-connect.

The 2 plugs show as offline in the recently connected area.

I've tried all ways to remove these ( I suspect the "ghost" offline device is preventing me from adding that same device again).

Ive tried adding the 2 devices to a profile, rebooting the system then deleting the profile: no change.

If friends and family visit, will their devices remain on my network as "offline" in the recently connected section forever?

Has anyone successfully removed them (short of deleting the entire network and rebuilding each time)?

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    • hexbus
    • 2 mths ago
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    I've been following these on my network, and eventually they seem to drop off the list after a certain amount of time.  I've noticed this because they'll also seem to pop back off the lists/profiles that I generate as well, and I have to constantly re-add something that might have been inactive for a while (that's a pain - eero, are you listening here? <grin>).  It'd be great to be able to maintain these inactive things a bit better, to either keep them longer, remove them more immediately, etc.

    • CraigHew
    • 2 mths ago
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    Yeah, after a week they start to drop of the list....

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