How many eeros do I need? eero or eero pro?

hello all

I'm trying to work out how many eeros I need, and what sort.

I'm in the UK so the options are 3x eero (£249) or 3x eero pro (£429).

As you can see, I have a funny old house. The walls are quite thick. Those black bits are several feet thick of solid masonry.
The modem is in the first floor bedroom on the south wall.

Currently I have some non-mesh WAPs manually backplaned together using 2.4GHz but of course the 2.4GHz isn't fast enough. There's one central WAP and three sub-WAPs starred off it. 5GHz seems to struggle to get through most of the walls.
Broadband speed at modem is about 80Mbps.

I'm using a TP link VR2800, 2x Archer AC1200 and 1x 300M (2.4GHz only), with the Archers and the 300M using WDS to share channel 11 2.4GHz.

So - please help. I'm wondering whether it's better to have 3-4 eero pro (the tri band model) or maybe 6 eero dual band. I'm assuming that the backhaul always uses 5GHz - is that right?

Cat 6 and powerline are both out of the question.

Please advise, thank you!

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