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As a parent of teens doing distance learning, the kids need to be able to access the internet during the day for school sites, outside of school hours for social, gaming and streaming, and not at all late at night.  Profiles should have the ability to set a schedule which sets time blocks in a grid similar to the Windows logon controls (time/day of week axes). For each of the defined time segments, should be able to block all/block individual categories/block all except specific exceptions. 

Better would be to also enable this per device as an advanced configuration but by profile is sufficient for the core need. 

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    Extending this idea a little...  If in the "block all except" mode, there should also be a way for the person blocked to request an exception from the parent.  Example:  Only school sites are in the exception list but school work for the day includes watching something on YouTube which would normally be blocked because it is a distraction from school.  Teen would navigate to YouTube and receive a forced interstitial page from Eero instead of the requested page.  Interstitial page would have a link to "ask your parents" which would trigger a notification to the Eero phone app with details of the exception request and a "grant or deny" set of choices which would update the interstitial page.

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