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Hi everyone

i am considering buying an eero mesh system (in particular the version with the router and two extenders.

I have a number of questions (sorry!)

I currently have a Virgin Media router which connects to an Apple AirPort Extreme. I’m assuming as Airports are now old technology I will need to take this out of my system, but does the Eero replace the Virgin Media bit? Or do I need to keep that in place?

My two sons use a stack of Wi-fi and forever complain about it. I’m assuming one extender in one of their bedrooms will suffice both of their bedrooms? I’d place it in the bedroom directly above the living room which contains the router.

My main reason to purchase though is for my self built bar which is about 3 metres away from my house, separated by a brick wall of the house (my kitchen) and the wooden construction of the bar itself. Would an Eero extender placed in the kitchen solve my issues? I do actually have a hard wire Ethernet cable wired in from the router, but at the moment all that does is plug directly into a fire stick so that I can watch TV without worrying about wifi. Could I plug that Ethernet cable into an extender and then use that to distribute wifi in my bar for the fire stick, an echo dot, smart lighting and obviously any mobile phone usage too?

sorry for the multiple questions but I’m no expert and just want a solution!

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help.



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