How to connect 2.4 devices with new eero app update?

Hi everyone! I had my appliances connected before. I decided to update eero app and now when I temporary turn off 5.0 my 2.4 WiFi goes blank and none of my devices can find it.

If I click (with my Android) on this "no-name 2.4? WiFi" and use my password, my cellphone can connect to it.

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  • Are you trying to turn off the 5 Ghz Wifi and only leave 2.4 Ghz Wifi on, because if that is what you are trying to do you cannot do that. Turning off on so to speak turns off the other. 2.4 and 5.0 are always on at the same time.

    • jduffy they have this temporary 2.4Ghz WiFi for 10 min in order to make possible to you configure the 2.4 devices. In previous updates, when I activate this, my phone would lose connection then return on a same-mane-WiFi 2.4, making possible for set your appliances to your WiFi. But now the phone lose connection and don't reconnect automatically because your 2.4 WiFi has a new name, a no-name-2.4-temporary-WiFi. If I click on this blank-10min-WiFi (as on the pic of the question), it would ask me a password. If I input my dual band wifi password, it will enter. But I can't set the other devices, because they don't find it. And even if they would, I think they wouldn't be able to reconnect when the WiFi changes to your dual band name because they would have been set to a "no-name-WiFi", not no your named WiFi (eg. "Apt1234").

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      danielmarnet Hi I have a medical device that needs to be on 2.4 and I tried using th 10 minute trick but it still did not work. Any advice is greatly appreciated.

    • Rbagwill when you temporary pause your 5.0, your 2.4 keeps the same name? If keeps, I really don't know why it's not working for you. If it's happening the same that it's happening with me, then I still don't know what to do. I'm planning on buying a robot for my cat and another for cleaning my house. If they don't fix this till there (and I saw that there are things here that they don't fix even in 4y), I think that the solution would be buying another router.

  • Wow, well you taught me something. I had no idea you could do that so I learned something new.

  • Do you have WPA 3 enabled?

    • mikegoldnj what happened was that I called Frontier, they didn't find a solution, so they changed my eero modem for a new one (eero as well). Now thighs are working fine!

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