Users should be able to set local hostnames for networked devices

Eero currently supports the ability to reserve an IP address for a device on the network via its in app "Reservations & Port Forwarding" menu. However it lacks the ability to set local hostnames, a common feature found in many mid range routers offered by the competition. It would be nice to offer this feature instead of leaving it to users to set up their own custom local DNS server.

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  • You can add a "Nickname" in that same section you mentioned which works great.

    However router's don't change the hostname of other devices, you would have to change the hostname of the device itself. Like for a PC or Printer, but most smart device's hostname cannot be changed as its hardcoded in their chip so the next best thing is nicknames set on the router.

    If I recall, Linksys gives you the ability to change the devices "hostname", but it doesn't really change it, it is also just a nickname. You can test it on a PC, and verify in CMD by typing in: hostname

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      noobnoob-c137 I am referring to local network domain name resolution. You're right, the hostname isn't being set on the device itself but given the routers role in the typical home network configuration, it's well suited as a local dns solution. I've used older, less expensive routers that include this functionality. Usually along side their DHCP IP reservation feature. I guess I'll have to set up my own local DNS. Bummer.

    • jabreu610 I'm not sure how much cpu/resources that would use, maybe that's why they haven't included it or maybe it's too advanced/technical to support for the masses... I dunno. 

      Out of curiosity, what do you use that feature for on your local network? Also, would you prefer to replace the gateway for UniFi or Mikrotik and keeps the Eeros as APs only? Although I haven't personally used the DDNS feature, would that help you in anyway?

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