Bridged Network Configuration

I have been told (by support) that my Eero needs to be between my Router and my Network switch.  Why?  The switch sets up the Virtual connection to the Router, it is no different than a direct network connection.  With the Direct connect, the IP's are in the same subnet, same as going through the switch.  Logically and from a Network perspective, both connections are identical.

The disadvantage of this config is that when the firmware is updated or the Eero needs to be rebooted, it kills the Internet for all the wired devices.   I have a large number of wired devices on a CAT 6 network.

I've asked support "why" and get back the answer, because that is the way you need to set it up....

The reason this came to light is because after the last few firmware upgrades, my stability has been reduced.  The system worked for about a year without any hicups.  The firmware before the latest update was causing my network drops every day.(and sometimes multiple times in a day)..  The newest release seems to have returned the stability.

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  • at the risk of hijacking this topic, I, too, am seeing odd network outages (and loops) on a bridged network running eeroOS 3.17.0 that weren't there prior. 

  • That is exactly the behavior I was seeing.  My wired devices were being kicked off the network along with the Wireless devices.  With the latest update, that behavior has not repeated.  I wish support would have told me of the issues vs. blaming my configuration.

    • bitzerjdb VERY interesting. What version eeroOS are you on, if you don't mind me asking? 

  • Hi - 3.18

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