Cannot get eero to use Moca hardwire connection


Above is the configuration I am struggling to make work.  The coax comes into the house where I have a PoE filter.  From there it goes into a coax splitter.  One leg of the splitter goes to the Xfinity modem router.  From there it goes into the gateway eero Pro 6 via ethernet cable.  The Modem/Router is NOT in bridge mode in order to take advantage of its native MoCa capabilities.  MoCA is enabled in the Xfinity Modem/Router. The gateway eero is NOT in bridge mode.

The other leg comes from the coax splitter to a MoCA device then to another eero 6 Pro via ethernet cable. There are no other switches in the network.

It does not appear as if the MoCA connected eero is using the ethernet to coax connection to move data. Everything still seems to be routed wirelessly through the eero Pro 6 and the MoCA device is seemingly ignored.

I read somewhere this type of configuration cannot work with Xfinity Modem/Router. I'm not sure if it is something within the Xfinity box or the eero Pro 6.  I have since been unable to locate that source.

Will I need to add another MoCa device at the router and run an ethernet connection to one of the ports, or should this configuration work?

Thank you in advance.

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    I neglected to mention the software version the eero Pro 6 is running is v6.10.3

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