Eero 6+ Ceiling Mount and PoE

I recently purchased a new home with four Cat 6 wired access points in the ceiling throughout the home.  I would like to purchase Eero 6+ access points but need ceiling mounts that will work (even third party) and a switch/injector that will provide the right amount of power which I believe is 15W.  Anyone have any recommendations?  

For the mount I see "eero E011101 PoE+ Adapter Mounts" on eBay (I am not a professional installer) -- would that work with the new Eero 6+?

For the switch/injector does anyone have any recommended models that would provide the correct power (15W I believe but would like to have someone validate)?  I just need something basic (low cost) with four PoE ports for each eero 6+.  I also have ethernet plugs around the house so if there is a switch that also has non-PoE ports I have 8-10 plugs but unlikely more that 4 would be used.

I am not a professional so assume I don't know anything in your response.  :) 

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