Bridge Mode & Backhaul

I recently purchased an Eero 3rd gen 3 pack. I have 50/25 connection with my ISP.

I decided after a couple of days of usage that because I had to keep my modem/router I would remove some of the complications I was seeing by putting the Eero in bridge mode. I had already set up an ethernet backhaul. Since then it has worked well and appears to be producing better speeds upstairs and down.

Q1. When the Eeros are in bridge mode you cannot restart from the app. While I realise this button says Restart Network as that the network is now being controlled by the my modem/router but surely this still should be a button for restarting all the Eeros regardless of the mode it is in? To me it appears to be a fault in the app software of the devices!

Q2. When I originally set up the Eero network I set up an ethernet backhaul via a switch from the modem/router with the other 2 Eeros attached to the switch. When I set the Eeros to bridge mode I had read that the switch wasn't necessary so I plugged all Eeros directly into the Modem/router. The app is showing them connected via ethernet but is the backhaul still working?

Other than this I am getting good speed on laptops and desktops but android phones are dicey as I move about. If I am moving between the routers the phones record a drop in link speed and actually take some time to get back to top speed. As I move towards the outer ring of the Eeros signal the 5ghz signal weakens and the phone switches to 2.4ghz, as the signal is very strong. However I "forget" the settings on the phone and re-enter the password it connects again to the 5ghz frequency with a much greater link speed than the 2.4ghz connection despite a 20-30% weaker signal.

I have installed the Beta Band Steering enhancement and have posted the contents of the previous paragraph as feedback.

Hopefully somebody can answer and explain my questions and maybe help with the phone issue.

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