Slow ethernet speed on Eero Pro?


I have been pulling my hair out trying to figure out why my Windows 10 desktop only gets around 90mbps when connected to Eero pro through ethernet, while my Macbook Pro gets 150-200mbps (max internet speed) through the same ethernet cable and port (yes tried swapping just in case). I thought it was some weird Windows bug, but then I tested the LAN speed using SMB protocol and then LAN speed test server, got the same speed around 100mbps. I realize that the speed is slow in general with my Windows desktop running through Eero even though it says 1gb link in Windows. I tried 2 different ethernet cards and got the "best" Intel PCIe gigabit card to test with. I've tried lots of different drivers. I also just tried an old Apple router and the speed (with same cables and everything) is 900mbps up and down between devices. But with Eero pro, it's 100mbps. I tried swapping out the Eero pro with another one and same thing. It must be some software issue on Eero's part but I have no clue what it could be? Anyone have a clue what I can do? I haven't tried resetting the whole Eero network. I have 5 devices so i'd rather avoid doing that. 


Also, I tried disabling SQM but the LAN speeds are still quite slow, around 100-110mbps. 

Thanks in advance!

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  • Update: I called support, and they had no clue how to help. I reinstalled Windows from scratch which did not resolve it, but resetting Eero network completely (not rebooting, but deleting it in the app and reconnecting everything) did resolve the issue. I wish I tried this first before formatting my computer. 


    Clearly this was an Eero bug. I hope developers can look and find logs to figure out this issue so it doesn't happen to anyone else. Very frustrating to deal with

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