Change WiFi Channel Size and Frequency

Without disrupting any meshing capabilities, ISP's need to be able to steer the Eero bands to a clean channel in environments where multiple WiFi networks are present.  

We have had to go with other routing products in noisy environments because we do not have the ability to do this with Eero.

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  • Eero does this automatically.

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      • Kdrumz
      • Kdrumz
      • 2 yrs ago
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      txgunlover sadly, it does not. I’m on channel 1, along with my other 15 neighbors and no one in my apartment is on channel 11. Verified channel utilization is way high.

      • jweister
      • jweister
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Kdrumz Regardless of it picks the cleanest channel, the total EIRP of the radio is lower when using an 80MHZ channel vs that of a 20MHZ channel.  This reduces the range of the 5ghz network considerably and the ability to choose range over bandwidth is an option that would be nice to have.

  • I live in a “noisy” wifi environment and my 3 eero pro units are the best, most stable wifi system I have ever had. I finally got over my obsession with needing a webui for management and my network now “just works”. I do wish they had a built in vpn client. For now, I am using an Asus RT-AC86U with it’s wifi radios turned off to provide vpn services for my TV streaming. I know it is way overkill but I already had it as it was what I was using for my network.

  • Tuning this topic back on. 

    Is there a way to force Eero to use, for example, channels 9 and above in the 2.4GHz range?  

  • The mechanism that eero uses is not very good. It only knows the overlap of channels where the router resides, not where my devices sit. We need to be able to change the channels which the router uses. I've have issues having pixelation and low bandwidth on one of my Roku devices outside probably because of this.

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