Direct Devices to Connect to Specific eero's

To all concerned-


I am requesting a feature be added to the eero software that allows a user to select which eero a device connects to explicitly.

Use case:

There are multiple devices on my own network -- lights that are in the ceiling, cameras that are mounted and used wirelessly, multiple devices that can be mobile.  When a network restart occurs, devices connect to eeros randomly across the network, that are across the house, with weaker signal strength.  It takes multiple network restarts, and even physical intervention with certain devices to eventually get them to connect to an eero closer to them.

This feature should, in the interface, allow the user to explicitly tell what device should connect where.  In my example, I have several lights in the kitchen that are HomeKit and an eero that is less than 20' away from them.  I should be able to tell the software, no matter what - always connect to the Living Room eero.  This would hold true for other 'permanently' fixed devices in other rooms.

Devices that are truly mobile, say a portable computer or a tablet, those could be excluded from such a setting, since they never are in a 'permanent' location and could be moved around.

While I have had quite good luck with my eero network, this has been an annoyance from day one, where having slow response from network devices is not necessarily acceptable.

I submit this request to you for your consideration.  Thank you for your time.


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