Notifications Through Alexa's Voice!

In the Alexa App there should be more Triggers to create specific Routines to provide Notifications about the eero network or the operation of the eero routers
Those notifications could be something like the following examples:

1. Announce recently completed updates via Alexa's voice.

2. Announce by Alexa's oice new users connected to the network.

3. Announce via Alexa's voice that the network is Offline or that a specific eero router is Offline.

4. Announce through the voice of Alexa that a new Firmware has been found.

5. Restart all network (restricted by specific Alexa users voices).

6. Restart a specific eero router (restricted by specific Alexa users voices).

7. Announce via Alexa's voice a reminder 12 hours before the network starts the update. (This is a new feature currently available in the eero app version, but without Alexa).

8. Announce via Alexa's voice a reminder 15 minutes before the network starts the update. (This is a new feature currently available in the eero app version, but without Alexa).

9. Please, when you update new features that have to do with Alexa, TEST AND DEEPLY VERIFY that the same voice commands in SPANISH work as well as in English. It is not the first time that these commands in SPANISH work badly. Terrific!!!

The Alexa Integration to these routers should be much more exploited, taking into account that there are many notifications that it would be preferable to hear directly via an Alexa device (Echo Show, Echo Dot, etc.) than to see it in a simple eero App, in which can often go unnoticed. If these routers were built to work with Alexa, then take full advantage of that technology resource and make your routers something exclusive.

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  • Please no. About 6 people in the world use Alexa for something aside from "Play song" or "set timer".

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      eerouser If you understand at least a little bit of how Alexa's routines work, you can understand that creating a notification is your choice, not an obligation. By having the Triggers in the Alexa App, you can create the notifications you want or just not at all, meaning that Alexa will then not make any notifications on any device. So this wouldn't affect your taste in music if that's what you're worried about that much.

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