eero6 Compatible with RTS Blinds and Shades

Hello folks - trying to determine if the eero6 I already have will bridge RTS blinds and shades to my Alexa. The blinds and shades company is attempting to sell me a $200 TaHoma RTS/Zigbee interface to basically have my blinds link up to Alexa so I can control them through Alexa. But does my eero6 already have the ability to do this? Thanks in advance people!

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      • drumachn
      • 4 mths ago
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      cMoo92 thanks I read through the guide. My understanding is the eero6 is not a hub that converts RTS devices to be able to communicate to smart home devices. I’ll need to purchase another interface device. 

    • cMoo92
    • 4 mths ago
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    Oh, I see. Sorry, I thought RTS was the brand of blinds. Yea, eero won’t be able to act as a hub for that.

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