Creating a single Eero network

Hi there,

I am trying to create a single wifi network using my 3 eero 6+'s and one eero.

As illustrated, currently i have two wifi networks, one in the garden office and one in the house. 

I want to make these one network, and I understand that this is possible even if the eero is out or range from the others provided it is connected using an ethernet port.

My eero app always displays an error stating the eero is too far out of range, even with ethernet plugged in. 

I know the cables and hardware are fine because I get good speeds as two networks.

If anyone is able to help me please! Bought them with the intention of one network and have been trying for a couple of weeks now and can't seem to figure it out.




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  • To get around the “out of range” error issue, just temporarily take the eero from the garden office back to your house, run through the setup process and get it connected to your main network, and then go take it back to your garden office.

    • cMoo92 Thank you, I will try this evening. Eero support telling me to also do a hard reset. Wish there was just an option in the setup to choose wired NOT wireless so it would just stop looking for the others.

    • lukemcclure @cMoo92 has the right answer.  Hard reset that remote eero (so it will remove itself from its own network), bring it into the same room as the gateway, add it as a wireless node and then put it back where it was.  That topology should work fine.

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    • Michael_eero_support back where it was + plugged in to the ethernet? 
      Then will it automatically backhaul the ethernet and stop trying to connect to the mesh network?

    • lukemcclure If an eero is hardwired and in wireless range of the mesh it will do both.  Whenever an eero needs to send a signal to the gateway eero it will check its current connections, wired and wireless, to the gateway (which the eero is constantly monitoring) and select the best one for speed, latency and wireless busyness.  In this circumstance it will almost always be an ethernet connection as ethernet doesn't add to wireless busyness.

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  • Guys, just wanted to say thankyou!

    Seems obvious now that I should have done this and then just moved it to where I want it.
    Anyway, currently talking to you from one single network.

    Makes me very happy.



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