Ability to assign device to a specific eero or temporarily kick a device off an eero to force it to rescan for better signal

When checking the devices connected to specific eero units,  I sometimes find devices that are not connected to the closest eero unit with the best signal.   This often happens when eero units reboot.  When rebooting, devices will tend to connect to the first eero unit that comes back online, and if the device is static (like a smart tv or nest cam), I find that it will not be handed off to the correct eero unit based on signal strength.   The solution would be to reboot each device So that it will connect to the best eero unit available,  it these devices are all over the house and this is not necessarily practical.  

it would be great if we could assign a device to connect to a specific eero unit. 

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  • Clients choose what AP they connect to, not the AP itself.  It's a foundation of Wifi.  If you want this ability, you have to contact the device manufacturer to allow choosing the MAC of a specific AP.

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      txgunlover txgunlover  but if you were able to force disconnect a device from the network, wouldn’t the device try to reconnect again based on the best available signal at the time?   The issue is mostly due to eero rebooting and the timing of the various aps coming back online .  

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