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So here is the scenario... I have moved to fibre and my ISP router is now on the ground floor where my old router via copper was on floor one where i also use this for Smart TV and CCTV connections via ethernet and wifi.(3 story house so also risk of losing wifi on floor 2)

My provider has been unable to answer this question. I need 2 ethernet ports on floor one as per my existing setup, can this be achieved with a eero box and the existing new fibre router??

If the answer is yes what box do i need?

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  • An Eero Pro 6 (you didn't mention your particular model) units is/are capable of being a WiFi unit on your ground floor, connecting to the router wired and using its second RJ45 wired connection as an extender to other floors units if that's you're question. Look up the connection instructions or call Eero. Your scenario is FAR from completely described and I would not hazard a guess about it without more info. 

    Your ISP (internet service provider) who was on site will not be interested in helping and may be unfamiliar with 3ᴿᴰ party device, like Eero. That's an Eero question. What service do you now have? 

    Here we recently got AT&T. Their installers for the greater part not familiar with much other that their own devices, standard settings of them, and would not be qualified as troubleshooters of new/existing installations. I had one who tactfully made this point and I agree with him. Nor do they have the troubleshooting tools to do so. 

    It sounds like you can use a wired connection looping between eero units. As to how well it will work, that is TBD, by you, Eero and your situation. You may need a ethernet data switch or two, possibly other common devices. 

    Good luck.

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  • Thanks Henry, yes i dont really want to add devices on the ground floor fornvarious reasons and as I am not familiar with eero products i do not know if I could connect one via WiFi on floor one connrct to the new router and use the in built Ethernet sockets on the eero for my TV etc !!

    Ultimately I am trying not use anybcablnng as this is one of my pet hates having cables on show 🤦🏻‍♂️

    I could use a power line extender but also unsure how reliable this would be...

    • Hi keithh 

      Yes, you can use eero like this.  So, for example, this would be your setup:

      internet/Fiber ONT->gateway/head eero (-wireless connection-)eero 2->hardwired connections for two devices.

      This will work fine.  The speeds you will get out of your hardwired devices will, of course, be limited to what eero 2 can get from gateway eero wirelessly, but they are pretty good at that.  What speeds you get we won't know until you try.

      You can also, alternatively, do internet/Fiber ONT->Gateway eero-wired connection (via ethernet or powerline adapters)->eero 2->other devices (a switch will be needed to plug more than one device in since the eero only has two ethernet ports).  This will ensure that eero 2 is getting as much speed as it can.  



  • I have faced the same issue. Can anyone help me?

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