Eero having problem with Ring Video Doorbell

I have the Eero Pro Mesh with 3 Eero's. When I set it up, I used the same wireless name and password as my previous wifi network. All of my devices have worked wonderfully with the new Eero Mesh and everything is fast and smooth.

With one exception ... My Ring Video Doorbell. This is a Ring Doorbell 3, that is just a few months old, latest firmware. It worked fine on my old network. albeit a bit slow because it didn't have a strong connection.

With Eero, it is connecting to the closest Eero node, and in the Eero app I see Ring connected with a full set of bars. And when it works, it is noticeably faster than before. But, it is having problems. It may work for a day or two, then when I try to connect to the camera it won't connect. In the Ring app, when I try to view live video, it is stuck on "Activating Device" until it errors out. Likewise, other devices that I can normally view the Ring on also won't connect to it. If I go into the Eero app when this is happening, I can see that the Ring is continuously connecting/disconnecting from wifi (maybe 15 seconds for connect to disconnect cycle). Even though it shows a full set of bars, it keeps reconnecting and the camera can't be activated. Sometimes I get lucky and it starts working, but now its been about 7 days since I last had it work.

To repeat- this is the same wifi name and password as before, and this never happened on my previous network. All my other devices are accessing wifi fast and without problem.

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  • Have you tried doing a factory reset on the Ring doorbell? If I recall correctly, I think that’s helped people in the past with Ring & Nest devices.

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