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Hi.  I am having trouble setting up a webserver on my NAS so that it is visible to the wider world.  I can view the web pages on the network but I can't access it from the internet.

My NAS is connected to a switch which is connected to the eero pro 6.  The eero is connected to a tplink router modem.  I'm running the webserver on Port 801.  I have set up the IP reservation and the port forwarding on the Eero.  I know I should be able to see my server from the internet because when I put in my external IP or my DDNS from No IP, I get the administration page for my TPlink router modem.


Thanks would appreciate any assistance.

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    You’re running double-NAT in this situation since your TPLink is acting as a router, as well as your eero. You need to put your eero network into “bridge mode”, and then configure the port forwarding on your TPLink router instead.

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