How best to expand coverage in 3 level house

I have an older style 3 level beach house that I just installed a single Eero 6E Pro in. The modem is on the ground level with the Eero there too. There is coverage across the whole house, just. The upper level drops to 2.4 with sometimes a switch to 5, it’s a bit marginal. 

I have an Ethernet run from the ground floor up to the middle floor. options I can think of:

1. Move the Eero 6E Pro to the middle floor. The placement guides all say the Eeros broadcast upwards, so if I do that will the ground floor not get coverage from lack of downwards broadcast?

2. Add another Eero 6E for consistency. that feels like it might saturate too much?

3. Add a “lesser” eero wifi 6 device. Thinking longer term, while not many devices today will use 6E, this might be ok for now? Is the broadcast any less in terms of saturation from the “lower” model Eeros?

4. Use a beacon wireless booster. I’m not really a fan of wifi relays when I have a hard wired option, but maybe?

any thoughts or other suggestions?

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  • Try option 1 first since that’s the cheapest and easiest thing to do. Use it for a few days and see if that fixes your issue. Since you already have coverage almost everywhere from the ground floor, it might just do the trick being on the middle floor. If it doesn’t, go ahead and get another eero. I wouldn’t worry about which model. If you want to get a non-6E model just because it will be a little cheaper, it would still work just fine.

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