AT&T M279 Combo Modem Router & eero Pro 6 wifi problems

Hi: New forum member that needs some help.  I have an AT&T M279 wireless home phone & internet combo modem/router that I am unable to disable the WiFi radio.  The admin page allows me to disable the guest wifi, but not the main wifi.  This has caused some issues with devices on my smart home setup (Ring cameras, Echo Dots, Lutron Switches, and my Harmony Hub).  Would it work to disable broadcasting the SSID of the M279 wifi address or would devices still connect to it even if the wifi name and password were different than eero?  Thanks for any help

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  • Hello garyh ,

    Thank you for reaching out to us and welcome to the Community! If you can disable the WiFi that would be helpful, you can also just change the password and devices that were previously connected to that SSID would not be able to reconnect. I'm still a little unsure of what the actual problem is though and there might be a better solution. Are the IoT devices trying to connect to the MRC's SSID instead of the eero SSID?

    If you can provide me a few more details about what is happening I can help you find the best solution.

  • Hi James:

    Thanks for the reply.  The modem/router combo that I have is from AT&T.  It is the M279 model and was used in the Home Phone and Internet package for rural people.  The modem/router does not have the capability of disabling WiFi.  I did change the name of the WiFi Network in that modem/router along with the password.  I also disabled the function to allow the SSID to be shown.  The Eero Pro 6 has a different Wifi name and password.  I wasn't sure if that was a proper way to keep the IoT devices from connecting to the AT&T combo device or not.  Although after doing the above, it seemed to keep IoT devices from connecting to the AT&T combo unit; it still seems there may be interference from the transmitted WiFi from the AT&T unit and my Eero Pro 6.  I have rebooted everything numerous times and did factory resets.  I saw some post from another person that also was unable to disable WiFi on another type of combo modem/router and they suggested Duplicate NAT's?  Would that improve my situation?  Amy help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    • Hello garyh ,

      Yeah, being that you need the AT&T router for your phone service you shouldn't disable the MRC's router and it sounds like you need the WiFi enabled on that router for the phone service as well. There isn't going to be much you can do about the WiFi interference if there is any, but check with AT&T and see if they can put your eero Gateway into the DMZ. That will help with the double NAT. 

      Having the two SSIDs be difference is very important. Otherwise devices will see both networks as the same network and start to show some pretty bad connectivity as they try and jump between the networks. We need to keep in mind that it is the devices themselves that choose which network to connect to if they have the SSID and password to connect to different networks. 

      You can also check with AT&T and see if they have any other options for your internet and phone service. They might have a better option that will allow you to just have the eero WiFi around hour home.

  • James:

    There was a post about putting something in the DMZ, but I didn't really understand it.  I spoke with AT&T regarding the inability to disable the WiFi and since the unit is no longer made they didn't have a solution.  Also, the plan I have is no longer available so if I make any changes I will lose the plan.  Living in a woods in the country makes getting internet very hard and complicated; especially getting an affordable plan with a lot of GB of data allowed.  My phone service isn't linked to the internet (data) portion of the plan, so disabiling the WiFi would have no effect on the phone; but because there is phone and internet I am unable to remove the sim card and use it in another device.  It's like the sim card is linked to the M279 modem/router.  So do you think placing the the AT&T router or the Eero in the DMZ would improve the interference situation? 


    • Hello garyh ,

      The DMZ is a place where you can put one device on some routers. It moves the device outside of the firewall of the router. In this instance, you would put the eero that is connected to the MRC into the DMZ and it would put the eero outside of the MRC's router firewall. This would help with any problems that might arise from the eero network being in double NAT. However, it will not help if you are getting WiFi interference from the two WiFi networks.

      If you are not experiencing any problems with the WiFi network you don't need to worry about disabling the WiFi from the MRC. You should only be concerned about this if you are having difficulties with WiFi. If AT&T can put the eero into the DMZ I would recommend that they do so. But you seemed to have fixed the issues you were having with your devices jumping between the networks by changing the SSID. 

      - Put the Gateway eero into the MRC's DMZ if possible.

      - Monitor network and devices to see if you are having difficulties with connectivity over WiFi, if not you're good to go

  • Thanks James.  I found the posting in the Eero Community Forum.  Another Eero user was having a problem with a CenturyLink MRC.  In the post it said you had to change the subnet of the Eero.  My Eero is currently using IP address  My MRC is using  How do I change the Eero subnet from "4" to "0" and is that what I put in the MRC's DMZ?


  • Thank you

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