Eero Plus week in Review - Add details

I signed up for Eero Plus.  I really like the email telling me about threats that were blocked, but I really need more granularity... e.g., what were the Spywear threats that were blocked?  What exactly was blocked as far as Phishing?

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  • Hi  DrG —

    Thanks for reaching out and for sharing your feature request!

    eero Plus is something that we plan to continue to build on top of, so we really appreciate you taking the time to share the types of information you'd like to see from this service. If anything else comes to mind, please don't hesitate to share!

    Thanks again!

  • DrG Completely agree and found the emails eero sent out as interesting but really didn't tell me or show me that there was any significant value on spending the $99 a year for Plus.

    On that note Jeff C. In my testing of Plus myself I found there were some pretty big holes on the security front that plus was just not picking up.  Such as blocking content coming in through apps that you'd like to see block from young eyes for instance.  One example would be if a user was using Instagram or Tumbler, that shows nudity should be filtered coming in or the ability to just block access to the site works too.

  • I agree - Its hard to gauge the value that I'm getting from eero plus.   It would also be good to get the week in review on demand.   I seem to be missing it from time to time.

  • Jeff C.

    I just purchased an Eero 2n gen setup with Beacons and very happy with the improved coverage and speed. I did sign up for Eero Plus and was curious of how I would be notified of issues and see I will get emails. I am hoping you guys will be able to build a "Security" feature into the app so you can view security alerts, setup advanced content filtering rules (like OpenDNS), and in general see logs of activity for family profiles. But, a great effort and so far very pleased and look forward to getting new features rollled out as you continue to build out this WiFi infra platform. :-)

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      • Jeff C.
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      • Jeff_C
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      Glenn Marston —

      Thanks for the feedback! I'm happy to hear everything is working great so far. I'll be sure to pass this along to the team.

  • A more detailed report is required.  I had used a Cujo security device with my Netgear Nighthawk router for a before switching to eero.  During that time I received maybe 1-2 threat alerts per week with a detailed report (in real time) on the alert and device affected. Since I switched over to eero with eero plus, the weekly summary is lacking in details.  My weekly summary break down is as follows:

    Week 09/01: 2 threats, both spyware

    Week 09/07: 10 threats, 3 malware, 7 spyware

    Week 09/15: 7 threats, 3 malware, 4 spyware

    Week 09/22: 110 threats, 19 malware, 91 spyware

    I have not changed my system nor added any devices, but I see a major jump in threats in the last report.  I would be extremely helpful to know what sites caused the alert and what device was triggered it.

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      • applejax
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      Week 09/29; 60 threats, 12 malware, 38 spyware

      No idea what device, or devices, is triggering these alerts.

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