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I have a network whose Internet connection hails often (it is fed by fiver optic lines that blow down whenever we have a typhoon, which is not infrequent).  I'd like some kind of alerting system from Eero whenever the Eero cloud loses touch with my network for more than, say, 15 minutes (just to avoid too many alerts for transient issues) so I can contact my network staff.  Alerts could be via SMS (since we know the Eero cloud has that capability from the account setup process) or application notification.


As a proof of concept, though, and to test the level of nuisance alerting, I'd take an app notification every time the network goes down, even without the 15 minute wait.

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  • Apologies for the typos above (hails vice fails, and fiver vice fiber).


    I should add that this Internet outage notification feature might be ideal to throw in to the "Plus" product, since it appears you are thinking of things to add to it, and you have committed to more "Plus" features over time.  Thanks for the consideration.

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      RUEHC Hi - There are services out there that can do this for you if Eero doesn't implement it. I am using dyn.com's IP updater installed on a local laptop for my DDNS (dynamic DNS) since Eero doesn't support that either. That service currently costs $40 per year. They can also do 'Health Checks' whereby they make an http request to your ip address every 30 minutes and monitor the response. If the response times out they can send you a text or email. It costs $10 per year. I am not sure if you can order just the Health Check without already having the DDNS service. There are more advanced (and way more expensive) services that can do this as well, e.g., pingdom.com ($12 per month). I am sure if you Google around you can find something that can meet your needs. Agree though it would be nice if Eero supported this.

  • Just use the free service below and point it to something reachable in your network.


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      • rlopin
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      Lou G  Wow, that service is way better than the one I suggested using in my original reply!  I keep looking for a catch because it sounds too good to be true. They even include advanced features such as threshold setting (they call it 'advanced notifications'). Thanks for the info.

  • The other comments assume a device that can respond to an external service. eero already knows if you are connected or not, so it would be nice to get a push notification instead.

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