Ability to assign a device to a certain eero in your house!

I get it. In a perfect world we wouldn't need this. Now with the "smart home" we have a lot of devices they stay in one place and doesn't move around. We should be able to tell the eero, "Hey make sure my RING doorbell connects to my hallway beacon, NOT the office" I think that could be done in the IP RESERVATION area. My house has 3 eeros and MOST times my RING does connect to my hallway beacon but they are MANY times where it winds up connected to my office eero which is pretty far away and the video wont load because its too far. I'm sure other people would like this feature too! 

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  • wanted to add, my beacon is 4ft away from my door and my office is about 40ft away.

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  • Don't worry you and many others deal with this issue... What makes it worse is it gives up on 5ghz because it's trying so hard to connect to a 2.4ghz on the other side of the house.  I have a TV within a foot of an eero and it's connecting to the eero on another floor at 2.4ghz.  I also have some devices connecting to the basement eero because the eero two floors up nearby is just not the best option ... It's sad..

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  • This drives me crazy. need to fix this.

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  • Same request here, just added request to another post. Cheers!

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