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I year ago my neighbor had geek squad in which setup two eero (gen 1) devices in his home.  They left him with sort of a mess and they are now doing airbnb so they want seperate wifi for guests etc and they want to add two more eero devices (beacon).

No one in the house knows what account email or phone was used to setup the devices, we tried account recovery on all of them.  Is there anyway to tell what phone or email was used to configure the devices?  Is there a way for me to connect via bluetooth or other to gain access and help them reconfigure accounts?  They don't really want to hard reset as they have a few camera systems configured and they don't want to mess with them. 

We did email eero with the one of the device id's in hope they could tell us...

Thank you!

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    • cMoo92
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    I’m not sure what eero support will be able to do, but even if your neighbor has to do a factory reset, as long as they set the network back up with the same network name and password, all their devices and cameras will reconnect automatically.

    • Ichversuchte
    • 3 yrs ago
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    Thank you and agree 100% with you!. :D


    Im hoping support can tell us what phone number or email was used to setup / configure the the devices in hopes my neighbor still has access to one and just forgot about it.

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